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Rise of the Eldrazi Ultra-Pro

Good Day peeps,

We were just over at MTG Mint Card and lo and behold, we had stumbled across some very lovely Magic the Gathering Ultra-Pro products featuring wicked art from the upcoming Rise of the Eldrazi set.

By the time we hit the forums, it appears that everyone and their Mindless Null already were in the know . . . saaad Panda.

Anywhoos - if you don't already know, UltraPro is pretty much the MTG standard for Albums & Portfolios, Card Storage, Card Sleeves and the like. If you walk into an FNM and do not see oodles of UltraPro products on the tables, chances are that you walked into the hair salon next door by mistake.

We always look forward to the new UltraPro products during spoiler season as this provides an opportunity to see brand new artwork not yet previewed elsewhere. Let's have a look what's in the spoiler bag today for Rise of the Eldrazi !

Portfolios - for showing off yer cardboard sweetness.

Featuring art from 'Memnor' and a new unknown smiling demon dude.

Sideloading Deck Boxes

Nice deck storage box featuring that red land we looked at in yesterday's post as well a dude riding a flame-breathing dragon - can't get much more epic than that (except Bear Calvary perhaps).

Toploading Deck Box

Featuring art from 'Memnor' as well as Nissa Revane / Sorin Markov. We personally give two claws up for the divider as our sideboard somehow attempts to migrate into our main deck with disastrous consequences at FNM.

Card Sleeves

Featuring art 'Vol, Slave of Bolas' - as speculated by many - Sarkhan Vol now appears to be doing laundry for Nicol Bolas (? nasty job we think ) - Some are speculating that this will be a red / green Mythic Rare in the upcoming set.

And finally . ..

S'more Card Sleeves

That dude riding the irritated Dragon again.

We get a weird feeling that we've seen this guy before - perhaps he is that very eloquent and sharply-dressed post-apocalyptic fella, Lord Humungus from Mad Max, Road Warrior (?)

Anywhoos - we are now looking rather forward to the release of Rise of the Eldrazi and spoiler season appears to be starting earlier than we expected - ya !.


Cubelife said...

The guy on the dragon looks like garruk... seriously no one else has said this yet...

Filip Ilu said...

I think sarkhan will be red/black