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Naya Collar

Happy Friday MTG fans,

As this is Friday, and many of you are heading out to your local gamery store latter this evening to partake in Friday Night Magic (location / details HERE on the Wizards site), this may be a good time to take the tarp off what I think I will be running tonight - friends at my store please do not look lest you start side-boarding before we even sit down to do battle.

Righty - here is the casual Magic deck we have to date and will likely be modifying after some playingtesting at FNM tonight - please have a look at what we'll call Naya Collar for now . . .

Apocalypse Hydra
Prodigal Pyromancer
Woolly Thoctar
Cunning Sparkmage
Stoneforge Mystic
Druid of the Anima
Birds of Paradise
Wild Nactl
Whispersilk Cloak
Quietus Spike
Gorgan Flail
Basilisk Collar
Jungle Shrine

One of our fav new cards will have to be Stoneforge Mystic, followed by Basilisk Collar . . . do you see where this is going ? - yep - straight to Timmy-Land. Prodigal Pyromancer and Cunning Sparkmage are both perfect for this - being able to sling a point of deathtouch over the battlefield at a board threat without committing to a combat stage is rather nice. As these two cards also can poke your opponent for one as well, we had decided to include Quietus Spike to knock down their life a large chunk at a time (about 50% + 1 point by our estimates). :-)

Another (perhaps odd) inclusion is Apocalypse Hydra. We thought somewhat apropos as this provides late game options - either a fatty or to give your arsenal an extra timmy ability. Again, we will have to wait to see how well this may work against the local meta-game.

Woolly Thoctar is big, furry and cute and a perfect three drop threat - no opponent is really evar excited to see a 5/4 beasty on turn two or three. Turn two you ask - why yes - with our mana accelerating Birds of Paradise (and Druid of the Anima), we hope to set ourselves up ahead of the game and ready ourselves for some whopping. We will report back on the MTG / FNM twitter hash-taggy.

Anywhoos - please provide your suggestions as what to keep and drop - we REALLY DO value your opinion and read through all your eMails and comments and take them under serious advisement.


Next Up - total randomness again . . .

Recall our saying that Mr. Woolly Thoctar is big, furry and cute ? Today at work was show and tell. A fellow Officer popped into our office with a Fisher which had been found unfortunately expired beside a road. As this is the first time we've seen one, we took an interest . . .

From the Wiki - The fisher (Martes pennanti), also referred to as fisher cat, is a medium-sized mammal native to North America. Fishers are widespread throughout the temperate regions of North America.

Recent studies, as well as anecdotal evidence, suggest that the highly adaptable fishers have begun making inroads into suburban backyards, farmland, and even semi-urban areas.

Anywhoos - yet another request Wizards - can we see another badger like critter in the next set ? We love 'em Badgers, Badgers, Badgers.

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Anonymous said...

where are the cards?

Anonymous said...

Q. spike wont knock down there life in half with sparkmage or timmy b/c it says combat damage

CopySix said...

Totally correct - one needs to effect combat damage with the Spike equipped before you life chop. My bad - I did use this once or twice with the Whispersilk Cloak on which was rather fun.

zigeif 777 said...

Dude, Druid of the Anima is so bleh... if you have Noble Hierarch, swap 'em out. If not, get some Lightning Bolt or Bloodbraid Elf. Good luck tonight, my car is dead so no game for me... :(

Rick Sadler said...

best plan would be to have the creeping tar pit so it can become a 3/2 unblockable til EOT, yea it's blue/black but with the birds you could also throw in khalni gem to get the other mana for it