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Eldrazi Art Spoiler 3-09

Just a quick update my peeps - (second post today) . . .

We have come across some very cool and interesting card art spoilers for the upcoming Rise of the Eldrazi expansion set. Obviously, if you wanted Magic the Gathering spoilers, you've arrived at the correct blog - so without further adieu, take these in . . .

> Just note : Total speculation - these images may not be associated with any new Rise of the Eldrazi card and should be considered unofficial until official previews start on the Wizards page.

Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief
Our Foil Rare from the Invading Spawn Intro Pack.

Merfolk surfing a Hedron fragment . .

Knight on a Eldrazi Muskox ?

Eldrazi Titan being given a hard time by Zendikar's denizens . . .

Mushroom Eldrazi loves eating soldiers . . (we are not very sure if this art will make it onto a card)

That's it for now, MOAR Rise of the Eldrazi spoilers 'n' speculation latter . .

1 comment:

ananymous said...

That'll be two possible cards with the same Eldrazi, and neither of them seem appropriate as a creature version of him.