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Eye of a Storm

~ Good Day MTG peeps,

Those who saw the most epic of Daily Arcana posts on Monday to Wizards saw not only the first Rise of the Eldrazi spoiler but also took in the incredible power of Kozilek, Butcher of Truth (aka Fatty McFatster), who annihilates 4 critters whenever he swings in his massive 12/12 body.

Certainly a game winner if not dealt with promptly and properly. If he goes for a dirt nap, your yard is simply shuffled back into your library. A lot of folks went ga-ga over this monster and as soon as they had wiped the saliva off their keyboard, they hopped onto their fav on-line store or eBay to snap up deck sets of that oddly misplaced legendary land, Eye of Ugin, from Worldwake. This land will tutor out a colourless creature card such as Kozilek (for a whopping 7 mana) and allow you to play colourless Edlrazi spells for a Walmart discount of 2 (colourless) mana. Wondering out loud whether there will be coloured Eldrazi spells in the next set (?).

Anywhoos - it's already too late to buy Eye of Ugin. It went up from around $2 to $3 (shortly after it's release) to almost $20 (and rising!) since the Kozilek spoiler and promptly went and got itself speculated out of existence. Good luck finding any stores that still have a stock on this.

Come on Sheeple ! This card is not worth more than $6, and will end up being much less in 6 months time. We for one will be rather happy with ourselves when we walk into the next FNM and unload our Eye of Ugin for a pair of more useful Lotus Cobras (remember when these were going for $20 a pop ?).

Our Summary : The Eye of Ugin produces no mana, costs 7 mana to tutor out a colourless Eldrazi fatty which will take yet another turn to cast said fatty. Sooo many things can happen to disrupt this (land destuction, a lucky / or unfortunate mill, a discard, etc.).

Our Predictions : We predict Eldrazi will be largely ignored by the PTQ / PT folks. We predict that only a very limited number of colourless Eldrazi spells will exist in the next set - likely 8 to 10 maximum. We predict that those Sheeple who paid big bucks to acquire a deckset of the Eye will cry when Rise of the Eldrazi spoilers and previews begin April 5th.

Righto - some prices we found for Eye of Ugin for some stores which still have some Eyes in stock - please note that these will likely to have changed (perhaps for the worst) within minutes after this post goes live.

SuperGamesInc $13.97
OldSchoolGaming $14.87
GamingETC $14.88
MTGChicago $14.96
ChannelFireball $14.96
TrollandToad $14.97
Ccg Bot $14.98
XtremeGames $14.99
adventuresON $15.99
MagicInferno $19.99
CCGHouse $19.99

Having said all the above, we do advise you to hold on to your decksets of the Eye - they still might be useful for scrapping gum off the bottom of your shoes.

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Anonymous said...

I have a feeling there'll be a new non-legendary land that will give colorless mana and reduce the cost of Eldrazi spells by 1 in the upcoming set.