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RoE Speculation 3-23

Good Day MTG,

We feel it time for some prophetical prognostication and will take a stab at the upcoming Rise of the Eldrazi, set to be unleashed in about a month from now. Please note that any supposition provided here is completely baseless and should be taken as a fabrication of a fevered and ill mind.

First baseless speculation . . .
Wizards will print Islands in this set - crazy huh? OK - just kidd'n.

Anticipate a splash of Ravinca Boros. Expect cards that will provide a strong showing against the monstrous Eldrazi titans. Expect soldiers, angels and a mess of other critters with haste, vigilance, first and double strike. Why - No Reason at all really - just a crazy idea we got from looking at the emblem shown on Basilisk Collar . . .

Next Crazy Speculation

Expect a reprint of Barren Glory or something rather similar to similar to Barren Glory. This sort of card may be printed to provide some counter balance to the brute power of the Eldrazi titans.

Why ? Again - no reason. We received an anonymous message (yep - sender unkown) with this art and a reference to Barren Glory. We do not personally believe this but will provide this for your careful consideration. If anyone knows who this artist may be, please drop me a line as we want to drop credit and a link to their site here.

EDIT : We have been informed that this is called 'Desert Rocks' by amazing artist Kekai Kotaki - and is labelled as a 'Concept for Guild Wars 2'.
and - Last wild 'n' nutty Speculation

Expect cards within Rise of the Eldrazi which will provide stong walls with kick-butt defender abilities. Also expect cards which will either enhance the current man-lands, or are non-basic lands which would show a strong defence against the Eldrazi. Some of these cards may be similar to Darksteel Garrison of Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion . . .

Well, enough crazy stuff from us - drop us a line and tell us what you think will go down in this next set.

And lastly - some sad news - I typically pick-up a Fat Pack with each new set and sometimes a Booster Box if my wallet allows it. My local gamery store apparently has a very limited number Rise of the Eldrazi Fat Packs and it will be 'first come, first serve' - sooo - does anyone have a On-Line Retailer who may be able to ship here to Canada that they like ?


Anonymous said...

I wonder if they would print a mox type card costing 2 colorless and being an eldrazi spell. Therefore casting zero if you have the eye of ugin!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe that ships to canada. A booster box is usually 95 bucks with shipping and handling