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Rise of the Eldrazi Spoiler 5-06

We understand that the official Rise of the Eldrazi previews begins over at Wizards in about a month's time but giving the last two horrid spoiler seasons, we are somewhat surprised that we are seeing anything this earlier.

It appears that 'vort', a fella from France made a very decent find with today's post on Rise of the Eldrazi sealed product - Booster Boxes, Fat Packs and Intro Packs - Let's examine and from the images, speculate the heck out of it - sounds like a fun Friday afternoon activity to us.

First off - - the Rise of the Eldrazi Fat Pack

and opening it up, we find the following . . .
Standard stuff, 8 booster packs, a handy player's guide, spindown life counter, a 40 card land pack (NOT full art), what appears to be the FULL Zendikar: In the Teeth of Akoum: A Magic: The Gathering Set Novel , by Robert B. Wintermute. We enjoyed the sample chapter of this in our Worldwake Fat Pack and would look forward to this.

And a display box of Rise of the Eldrazi Intro Packs . . .

Well, we have a pickle with this one, because Italian is the one language we don't speak very well so we are unable to make out the two Intro Pack names . . .

Blue / White : gloria del livellator (Glory of the ?) : showing a rider mounted on a horse-like creature.

Blue / Black : disprezzo del livellator (Contempt of the ?) : typical swamp troll critter having a bad scale day.

EDIT : Some New information just published ->

Intro Pack names:
- Leveler's Glory,
- Leveler's Scorn,
- Invading Spawn,
- Eldrazi Arisen and
- Totem Power

Leveler : speculated mechanic 'Level up'

Some Auras will feature a mechanic called 'Totem Armor'.

Some card names: (intro pack rares?)
Conquering Manticore, Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief, Gigantomancer, Sphinx of Magosi and Student of Warfare
And lastly . . .
A Rise of the Eldrazi Booster Box adorned with epic arts.

Anwyhoos - have a great weekend crew, we are off winter camping and won't be taking our cards for games (no water / electricity / no water-proof card sleves) SO no FNM tonight and no Magic the Gathering fix this weekend as we focus on surviving in the woods - yep - sounds like cr@p to us too but its something we have to do.

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Victor G said...

I was about to say it roughly translates to 'Leveller". I speculate something along the lines of the Anihilator ability, as in "leveling" the playing field, but since both Leveler decks are blue I'm thinking tap instead of full blown sacrifice, but perhaps life gain in the White deck and some sacrifice in the Black deck.