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Rise Eldrazi Spoiler 3-24

A very Happy Wednesday to all,

The Easter Bunny came early and dropped a mass of Hedron-shaped Easter Eggs on the Wizards site today. What we are chattering about is the posting of the new Rise of the Eldrazi Product Section!

The mini-site is chocked full of the 4.1.1 you have been anxious to see. There will be articles about the storyline, puzzles / wallpapers, continually updated Visual Spoilers and the product information page. Our fav page is also up and live to accept your inquires - yep the Orb of Insight.

Today MTG Realm will be updating our Rise of the Eldrazi Spoiler List as well as doing a round-up of the new mechanics in this set - but first let's have a look at the new cards slide our way today . . .

Look for full text on our Spoiler List and discussions in a latter article - Click to ENLARGE any image.

Rise of the Eldrazi Mechanics

Level up

Creatures with the new level up keyword can become larger or acquire new abilities for a small investment of mana. The number of level counters on a creature tells you its current level, and its current level tells you its power, toughness, and extra abilities.

Instead of going to your graveyard, a rebound spell cast from your hand is exiled. You can then cast it again without paying its mana cost at the beginning of your next upkeep. (If the spell is countered, or you're playing it from somewhere other than your hand, it'll go to your graveyard like any other spell.) When one spell may not get the job done, get double your mana's worth with rebound!

Totem armor
Once a creature is enchanted by an Aura with totem armor, it gets a free pass the next time it would be destroyed. If a creature is enchanted with multiple Auras with totem armor, only one of those Auras is destroyed, and you get to pick which one. Your party needn't fear with the spirits of Zendikar protecting it.

Annihilator X : Whenever this creature attacks, defending player sacrifices X permanents.

Make sure you check back soon as we start to accumulate results from the Rise of the Eldrazi Orb of Insight from the efforts of a thousand MTG Fans entering queries from a thousand computers.

FYI - clear your calendar for the Rise of the Eldrazi Prerelease which is set for April 17-18.


And lastly, we took a peak at the new Phyrexia vs. the Coalition duel deck product which came out last weekend and colour us impressed . . .


1 comment:

cobaltjeh said...

I must say, i really like the leveler mechanism.

Adds a bit of the RPG element to the game. :)

Still think the Annihilator mechanism is a bit lame.