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Promos RoundUp

It has been some time since I last reviewed the latest Magic: The Gathering Promotional cards. To correct this slight to you our reader, we now present the latest Friday Night Magic promos, alternate art promos, special event promos and the like.

First off however, just a recap of what alternate art promo you may have received at the recently held Magic 2010 pre-release or release.

M10 PreRelease Card
Vampire Nocturnus : The original card art here by Raymond Swanland is beautiful. Deep, dark, and elegant.

M10 Release Card
Ant Queen : Same thing here - I think if presented with the choice, I would keep the original art by Trevor Claxton.

M10 Booster Box Promo
Honor of the Pure. Some very limited number of players may have received this card if they purchased a booster display box at a selected retailer. The original Greg Staples art is exquisite. I really, really dislike the alternate art (sorry Ralph Horsley).

Extended Art Special
Mycoid Shepherd. These puppies, along with an extended art Naya Sojourners will be available to participants on the Magic 2010 'Game Day' - event details HERE. James Wimberley does a fantastic job and a slightly new take on the orginal by Trevor Claxton.

Wizards Play Network Promo
This WPN promo card is from the recent Magic 2010 Mind Control. I do not really care for either the original or alternate art versions but do find the alternate one funnier . . . is that person (on the left) yakking up a crabby patty ?

Wizards Play Network Promo
This WPN promo card is from the recent Magic 2010 Rise from the Grave. The original one from Vance Kovacs is truly wonderful. The alternate art version shows reanimation as one would expect in a comic book.

Friday Night Magic Promo
The Friday Night Magic Promo for August (2009) is Lightning Greaves as illustrated by artist Michael Komarck. The original art by Jeremy Jarvis, altough good, just does not demonstrate the energy in action as the new alternate art by Komarck provides.

That's it for now but stick around for some new Zendikar spoiler action next time around.

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Thanks for the promos. What do you think about them?