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M10 Review - White

I guess that I should be making a review of the Magic 2010 core set edition. As I really hope to employ brevity in this exercise, please do not expect lengthy and scholarly evaluations but rather rapid points as to the card's merit for deck inclusion in the standard environment.

To this end, I will start (quite originally) with White cards.

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Reviews -

Ajani Goldmane - Is a popular planeswalker which will not likely win you many games by itself but still worth considering.

Angel's Mercy - Unless you can couple this with a sure-fire combo including Cradle of Vitality, this card is chaff.

Armored Ascension - This was one of my fav cards for my Lorwyn Kithkin decks - expect to see this helping white critters in your game.

Baneslayer Angel - yep - its a bomb rare. Anytime you can get a 5 power critter for 5, things are good. Throw in flying, first strike, lifelink and some limited protection - this thing will rock.

Blinding Mage - not going to see much popular play.

Captain of the Watch - Can can bet your donkey that this card will rule constructed. 6 mana for essentially 9 power is good gamery economics. This is requisite for all soldier decks.

Celestial Purge - limited play expected from this. You may want to sideboard this against black and red.

Divine Verdict - M10 White is limited with regards to removal - this may be a choice.

Elite Vanguard - Who can say no to a 2/1 on turn one with no drawbacks - this guy is in.

Excommunicate - whatever - this may only postpone the inevitable - this won't get much play.

Glorious Charge - rather tentative about this card - may only be limited to decks producing token swarms.

Griffin Sentinel - I guess. Perhaps you like this one better than I.

Guardian Seraph - a very good pick but not a bomb. If your game turns out to be a race and you are trading paint, this guy will help.

Harm's Way - This is a solid card. I'm thinking about running this along with my fav one-drop Path To Exile. Nice bomerang trick which can be used for spot removal.

Magic: The Gathering - Magic 2010

Holy Strength - You can have all of mine.

Honor of the Pure - This card makes you consider running a mono-white deck because this card is that good. Makes white weennie beffier.

Indestructibility - for some reason, I'm thinking that this is just about twice as expensive as I would consider reasonable. Perhaps you think that this is the bee's knees.

Lifelink - this may be considered for your sideboard depending upon what you are running but I say 'meh'.

Lightwielder Paladin - as this may only be OK against black or red, I will call this situation with limited play.

Mesa Enchantress - I don't think players care for this card very much, but as I'm thinking devious thoughts about using this with Sigil of the Empty Throne, I don't care what they think.

Open the Vaults - a bit expensive and this can also hinder you by helping your opponent. Again - situation.

Pacifism - good solid shut-down for white against threats.

Palace Guard - pretty much useless unless you are using a combat trick or giving this dude deathtouch.

Planar Cleansing - perhaps just OK after providing your dudes indestructbility - most players would have rather seen Wrath of God back.

Razorfoot Griffin - not very good really.

Rhox Pikemaster - not bad. Your average solider deck will see this guy included.

Righteousness - I can only imagine this being played on Palace Guard or other critter removal - still not bad power for only one.

Safe Passage - you will need this against the burn in red - better consider this for a potential sideboard.

Serra Angel - this way the shizzle back in the day but I think power creep kinda killed this card.

Siege Mastodon - sucks. I'm using this to scrap gum off my shoe.

Silence - nice card. Not a bomb and somewhat situation as you may only be using this against a blue counter spell.

Silvercoat Lion - I call it average at best - you can have mine.

Solemn Offering - I'm wishing that this could have been an instant but still a very solid card.

Soul Warden - I have had only limited success with this in the past and would not consider this for even my sideboard.

Stormfront Pegasus - nope. A 2/1 for 2 is not a high pick in this standard play environment.

Tempest of Light - perhaps if you are playing against another white deck. I say decent but will most likely only reside in the sideboard.

Undead Slayer - if this dud is not removed, it can be a big hangup for those pesky undead decks we will be seeing soon.

Veteran Armorsmith - yet another reason to play soldiers.

Veteran Swordsmith - really, what are you telling us Wizards with THREE solider lords ??

Wall of Faith - this may be one of the worst walls I've seen recently.

White Knight - perhaps not in limited but extended soon with the recent knight decks I've seen.


Anonymous said...

Sorin Planeswalker (3)WB
4 Loyatly points

+1: Target creature gains flying and lifelink till end of turn

-4: Return target creature card from a graveyard to play under your control, it is a black and white vampire in addition to it's other colors and types

-7: Target opponent loses 10 life and you gain 10 life

-Benjin Revits-

Marianz said...

Nice review, white got a lot of new stuff while blue as always had lost its power :(