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M10 Review - Red

This is MTG Realm's review of Magic 2010. As I really hope to employ brevity in this exercise, please do not expect lengthy and scholarly evaluations but rather rapid points as to the card's merit for deck inclusion in the standard environment.

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Act of Treason - Nice solid uncommon which should see play. Stealing your opponent's threat and beating them with it is just plain fun. Being able to sacrifice said creature at the end of your turn (via Bone Splinters) is just plain evil (and fun too).

Ball Lightning - 6 points of pain for only three mana is good. Just make sure there are no first-strike creatures on the other side of the table. Would be nice to be able to return this from your graveyard (via Charnelhoard or other) to rinse 'n' repeat.

Berserkers of Blood Ridge - meh. You could really limit your option with this card.

Bogardan Hellkite - again - potentially 10 points of damage for eight is good. Make sure your opponent has no Baneslayer Angels waiting in the wings.

Burning Inquiry - Might be good with pre-M10 unearth tech, other wise, this card disadvantage is doing you no favours.

Burst of Speed - Some player (other than me) will see a decent use for this in a deck somewhere.

Canyon Minotaur - Red has vanillia too. Play something else.

Capricious Efreet - Way too random for my taste. If you have habitual bad luck, stay away from this - this Red Emo will certainly cut you.

Chandra Nalaar - I have yet to hear someone who claims to have resolved Chandra's third ability - she typically takes a dirt nap long before that happens.

Dragon Whelp - not many fliers for red so this uncommon is OK. (just OK).

Earthquake - I'm sure some will disagree, but this thing is as dangerous as an Elmer Fudd shotgun. We think only poor board position warrants use of this red mass removal.

Fiery Hellhound - Only a Hellhound's hair width separates this from being bad. Most likely will not see much play.

Fireball - A decent uncommon. This can win in late game provided you have enough mana. Perhaps use as a token sweeper (?).

Firebreathing - This is a terrible aura. Stop eating raw jalapenos.

Goblin Artillery - Not that bad for red removal - use with caution.

Goblin Chieftain - I like this card a lot but unfortunately, goblins are not very well supported in Shards or this core set. Should have been printed in Lorwyn / Shadowmoor.

Goblin Piker - Love the flavour text ! - Goblins really are as smart as a bag of rocks. Anywho - this card should be passed along to your younger sibling.

Ignite Disorder - Decent enough sideboard against blue and white. This card is hungry for use against core White's soldiers.

Inferno Elemental - OK card which has the potential to throw a wrench onto the battlefield and make your opponent think twice.

Jackal Familiar - This could be good - just make sure it has a chaperone while it is out.

Kindled Fury - Better card art than Morningtide. An OK combat surprise.

Lava Axe - No great advantage using this card - a straight conversion of mana into pain.

Lightning Bolt - This is good burn - 3 pain for one mana is a heck of a lot better than Lava Axe.

Lightning Elemental - One toughness on this will severely limit popular play.

Magma Phoenix - A bit expensive. Not really a fan - there are better ways to get the hits across the table without hurting yourself in the process.

Manabarbs - This is a really bad rare - should have been a common.

Panic Attack - We think this is an OK card. Being able to bypass blockers at the right time has strategic advantage.

Prodigal Pyromancer - There are about 27 cards in M10 who are scared of this card. You should consider this for inclusion.

Magic: The Gathering - Magic 2010

Pyroclasm - This card kind of sucks when compared to Volcanic Fallout - play Volcanic instead for mass removal.

Raging Goblin - I'm sure you can think of better one-drops out there. Perhaps someone may consider with Goblin Chieftain for casual.

Seismic Strike - Not too bad - would have been better if it could also target your opponent but perhaps I'm too greedy.

Shatter - As I can only see this being sideboarded against Coat of Arms or Platinum Angel in M10, I do not expect this to see play. Perhaps red can be use it against an Esper Deck.

Shivan Dragon - Solid rare - again, watch out for Baneslayer.

Siege-Gang Commander - A perennial favourite for inclusion in token decks. Not much support in Shards / M10 for Goblins - use it before LOR / SHA rotate out.

Sparkmage Apprentice - Nice art. OK common.

Stone Giant - Not a bad idea to sideboard against fliers.

Trumpet Blast - Good be good if you need a flash mob in late game.

Viashino Spearhunter - Either a bit overcosted or a bit underpowered but still viable if you are thinking about having a first-striker on your side.

Wall of Fire - This wall is just OK in my books - would have liked to see it stop fliers to make this really good.

Warp World - Could be really bad. Situationally good.

Yawning Fissure - Bad card. Should have been allowing to target your opponent's land instead for the mana you are paying for the spell.

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Thanks for the review. Very thorough and comprehensive.