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MTG Card Collection

Remember just the other day when I opened up that M10 Booster display box ? Yeah - that was fun, but now I have an enviable MTG mess on my hands. After I included the selected rares in my trade binder, I have pile of commons and uncommons.

As luck would have it, the good folks over at Power9Pro sent me a sample of N-Dexer. What the heck is an N-Dexer ? - It's a tabbed divider so one can easily and efficiently organise your card cr@p into a highly choreographed orchestra of cardboard.

Previously, I would drop my cards in a box. On a good day, said card collection would be fairly organised. I would typically organise into colour but invariably, the colour would 'bleed' into the other colours. At one time, I sacrificed a common and tore it slightly above the 3/4 mark in order to obtain a rough tab. Unfortunately, it didn't work out so well. I was also the kid who never really enjoyed himself at arts and crafts which if one were to follow the timeline left my card collection in a bit of a mess.

Anywhoo - back to the N-Dexer. This tabbed divider can be used in corrugated boxes as well as Fat Packs. Not bad at all. I cards I want to include in my latest maniacal MTG build can now be easily found and extracted.

Thanks Power9Pro for helping me getting my sh!t organised.

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