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M10 Review - Colourless

This is MTG Realm's review of Magic 2010. As I really hope to employ brevity in this exercise, please do not expect lengthy and scholarly

evaluations but rather rapid points as to the card's merit for deck inclusion in the standard environment.

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Angel's Feather - Almost as annoying as those commercials wanting to sell you insurance. Insurance is nice and repeatable and lifegain on the board is OK. I'm sure there are better ways to get lifegain.

Coat of Arms - I rather like this card for what it can do for your tribal-based decks. Consider the potential benefits of this card carefully before you include. I think I rather prefer Morningtide's Door of Destinies over this.

Darksteel Colossus - This is a huge threat on the board that can win you games. The issue - the price tag. You either have to have huge mana accelerants to hit 11 or be able to cheat it into play via Master Transmuter.

Demon's Horn - Similar comments to Angel's Feather. Black is more limited with respect to lifegain so one may consider this for their mono-black decks.

Dragon's Claw - You may want a set sideboard against those pesky burn decks.

Gorgon Flail - Unless you equip this to a pinger such as Prodigal Pyromancer to fling a point of deathtouch at your opponent's critters, this really is rather useless.

Howling Mine - This really will not see popular play except in mill decks such featuring Sanity Grinding and the ilk.

Kraken's Eye - Situationally acceptable in a limited number of mono-blue builds perhaps.

Magebane Armor - Making one of your dudes bigger and harder to kill is decent. Try to get this on an unblockable creature to maximize the pain you deliver. Cost to cast and equip OK for effect. May be very good against red burn decks.

Mirror of Fate - Combo phreaks have painted a huge target on this and will be going to work shortly - most likely after anything useful in the next set (Zendikar) is released.

Ornithopter - Having a zero-drop artifact is great especially with use in a deck with Master Transmuter (bounce out, play stupid-huge fatty, replay Ornithopter. Might even see use pumping up a Glaze Fiend.

Pithing Needle - Acceptable against black regenerators or perhaps someone running Planeswalkers. Most likely to be limited to sideboard play.

Platinum Angel - Good to keep your opponent's attention elsewhere while you try to recover but will probably not see much popular play. There are more than a dozen artifact killing cards out there so be warned.

Rod of Ruin - Just terrible - paying 7 mana to ping one pain (albeit repeatable) is waaaay too expensive.

Spellbook - At least you can get this effect AND mana from Reliquary Tower. Play the Tower instead.

Whispersilk Cloak - We like it and would love to be able to play it - just hopefully a turn (or two earlier).

Wurm's Tooth - meh. Much better ways for green to gain life.

Magic: The Gathering - Magic 2010

Dragonskull Summit / Drowned Catacomb / Glacial Fortress / Rootbound Crag / Sunpetal Grove - Solid dual land choice to include for your two colour decks. Not the best choice for those Shards of Alara multicolour (3+) decks. Just wish that Wizards could have designed these to be dropped and used on turn one instead.

Gargoyle Castle - Any land which can morph into a threat is decent in our opinion. Another wish - this would have been much better if you did not have to sac the castle to get your critter.

Terramorphic Expanse - A very decent mana-fixer which will see some play.


Anonymous said...

Gorgon flail gives your creatures deathtouch through COMBAT DAMAGE ONLY. It doesn't give activated abilities deathtouch.

-Benjin Revits-

Nicholas Davis said...

Deathtouch isn't combat damage only. What has changed with deathtouch is that it disregards the creature blocking prioritization. Says right on the card in it's italicized glory.

So, commence the Flailing Pyromancer!