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Planechase Spoiler 1

We are taking a brief respite from our review of the Magic 2010 core set to have a quick look at Planechase news.

More to add to the Planechase spoiler. We know that there will be four 60-card decks and 40 new plane cards expected out in September, 2009. Here are images of the four new decks with some of the planescards now spoiled.

(showing only four of the 10 planescards to be included)

Elemental Thunder
Velis Vel (Lorwyn / Shadowmoor), Murasa, Isle of Vesuva (Dominaria), Feeding Grounds
Metallic Dreams
Sanctum of Serra (Serra's Realm), The Maelstrom (Alara), The Hippodrome, Panopticon (Mirrodin)

Strike Force
Glimmervoid Basin (Mirrodin), Academy at Tolaria West (Dominaria), Izzet Stream Maze (Ravinica), Stronghold Furnace (Dominaria)

Zoombie Empire
Pools of Becomming, Raven's Run (Lorwyn / Shadowmoor), The Fourth Spere (Phyrexia), Grixis (Alara)

Some skinny on the corporate -
MSRP of $19.99 : Quantities are limited.

Organized Play
* Launch Parties (with exclusive plane card for participation)
* Wizards Play Network “Featured Format”
* Exclusive plane card to be given out at Zendikar™ Prereleases
* Organized play events scheduled for 2009 will support attendance with exclusive plane cards.

* Planechase is a fun new multiplayer format for Magic: The Gathering. Plane cards represent different worlds in the Magic Multiverse. As the game moves from plane to plane, it has a fun and exciting impact on game play.
* Players can use plane cards with their own magic decks or the powerful 60-card decks that come with each game pack.
* The Planechase set has four different game packs available, each one with 10 unique plane cards and a 60-card preconstructed Magic deck.
* Each 60-card deck that comes with the Planechase game pack is composed of popular cards from throughout magic’s history and is tuned for multiplayer play. Each deck contains a 8 rare cards – the same total number that appear in Duel Deck releases.
* Each of the four 60-card decks also contains a different preview card from the October 2009 Magic set, ZendikarTM.

Stay tuned - See you around !

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