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Zendikar UltraPro

It seems like just the other day, we had a Zendikar spoiler art for you. In fact, it was - check this previous POST.

Well we have yet another Magic the Gathering spoiler - and I'm certain it will grab the attention of spoiler nutters the whole wide web over - Check out these very cool arts from UltraPro for the upcomming Zendikar expansion set.

ZENDIKAR card sleeves
SORIN # 82414 10

Yep - That's a suckhead. Apparently Vampires are expected in Zendikar. Let the wild-a$$ speculation begin . . . Perhaps a Vampire Planeswalker . . . like whoa - that would be Fang-Tastic !

ZENDIKAR card sleeves
CHANDRA # 82413

Looks like Chandra Nalaar is back and fired up to make another appearance in Zendikar as well. We know well her burn abilities, we just have to discover how well this works in the Zendikar environment.

ZENDIKAR Vertical Deck Box # 82417

Back the Truck up . . . Check 'em out. Of course you can have deck boxes.


A Planechase art spoiler from UltraPro as well. If you do not have the skinny on Planechase MTG variant, then check out this previous post.

Duel Deck Box oversized
These oversized deck boxes can accomodate both yours and your MTG buddy's deck as well as ten of those oversized plane cards. As there is no extra space in the deck boxes (as they are already brimming with win), you are going to have to drop that six-sided planar die in your pocket - alternatively, hoop it like Christopher Walken.


Nicholas Davis said...

Sooo grab your Vampire Nocturnus or whatever now? Wonder if we'll see any "morph" like capability with the vampires? bat -> vampire and vise versa. lol. Did NOT see the Vampires coming. Pirates > Vampires. oh wells! the white haired dude looks sweet.

I think Chandra's art is for an instant or sorcery. but that's just me.

Platypus Platoon said...

Great find!! That would explain the vampire mini-theme in Magic 2010.