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M10 Booster Box

You may recall a few short weeks ago (this POST), I promised you a dissection of a Magic 2010 Booster Box . . . Well, my buddy came through and got one from and sent it way up north to me. I have to admit that tearing into MTG blister packs and sharing the sweet cardboard with friends and family is pretty much the best fun one can have (legally of course).

Anywhoos - sit back and watch this brief video and then we'll go through what we pulled.


Magic: The Gathering - Magic 2010

Here is what I pulled ! !


Open the Vaults
Guardian Seraph
Lightwielder Paladin
Captain of the Watch

Mind Spring

Jace Beleren
Sphinx Ambassador
Djinn of Wishes
Hive Mind


Magma Phoenix
Goblin chieftain
Chandra Nalaar
Shivan Dragon
Warp World
Capricious Efreet


2 X Royal Assassin
Haunting Echoes
Sanguine Bond

Might of Oaks

Great Sable Stag
Garruk Wildspeaker
Elvish Piper
Kalonian Behemoth
Birds of Paradise

Mirror of Fate

Howling Mine
2 x Pithing Needle

Gargoyle Castle

Dragonskull Summit
Glacial Fortress
Sunpetal Grove

Also - At the time of this post, I have over 700 cards for trade over at CCG Tradepost, so if you see something I cracked opened, make tracks over there and sign up before I trade it all away.



Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you only opened four lands. Most of the drafts events I've been in have opened more. Three planeswalkers is pretty good too.

I think that WotC did something to ensure more decent card are opened regularly. It seems I've opened a lot of power rares. I also have four of's in some uncommons and zero commons. As in after the prerelease and launch weekends I didn't open one giant growth but had four of some uncommons.

Whatever its random so...

Too bad you didn't get Baneslayer Angel.

PropheT_XXL said...

That's a nice card pool!

At the prerelease i opened up:
Baneslayer Angel,
Cementery Creeper,
Haunting Echoes,
Magma Pheonix,
Magebane Armor and a
Rootbound Crag. W

hich is not too bad, but is quiet hard to fit in a deck.
After that i opened up a fat pack:
Polymorph (foil),
Mind Spring,
Sanguine Bond,
Bogardan Hellkite,
Garruk Wildspeaker,
Coat of Arms,
Gargoyle Castle and a
Sunpetal Grove.

Which was very nice as well and i thought it couldn't get any better, but the display was good too:
Ajani Goldmane,
Guardian Seraph,
Honor of the Pure,
Lightwielder Paladin,
Mesa Enchantress,
Open the Vaults,
Planar Cleansing,
Djinn of Wishes,
Mind Spring,
Haunting Echoes,
Nightmare (foil),
Royal Assassin,
Sanguine Bond,
Underworld Dreams,
Bogardan Hellkite,
Capricious Efreet,
Magma Phoenix,
Shivan Dragon,
Warp World,
2 * Ant Queen,
Garruk Wildspeaker,
Great Sable Stag,
Master of the Wild Hunt,
Coat of Arms,
Pithing Needle,
Howling Mine,
Drowned Catacomb and another
Sunpetal Grove.

All in all i'm quite happy about it even though i only got 2 duals and 4 mythics (which should be under average) in my display.

Xian said...

Holy wow! My box really let me down. I got Birds/Chandra/Dragon Skull/Captain... ummm thats bout it, lol. But 3 plainswalkers if beefy, good job! I wanna trade!!! :)