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Booster Box Promo

Wizards will be providing a special and limited promotion (Promo Card!) for those who purchase Magic 2010 booster boxes. Whether you go in on a purchase with a few friends or just pick up a box for booster draft, fun is pretty much guaranteed.

Here is what WoTC has to say about the PROMO . . .

With 50% classics and 50% soon-to-be classics, the Magic 2010 core set is sure to appeal to all kinds of players. And here’s an offer designed to appeal to every player: the first twenty people to purchase a Magic 2010 booster box at certain locations will get a foil alternate art Honor of the Pure promo card! But hurry, this offer is limited to the first twenty people per store!


Sadly, this does not appear to be available to me anywhere in Ontario where I reside . . . No big whoop as I am not really hyped about the promo card art - I think I much prefer the original card art.

Back to M10 Booster Boxes - Since I'm greedy and don't play well with others (just kidd'n!), I will be needing to get a box for myself AND will be posting the booster box dissection video here on the blog after I get it. The only issue - where to get it ? ?

Magic: The Gathering - Magic 2010

With boosters going for $2.49, IntroPacks for $8.99, Fatpacks for $24.99, and booster boxes for only $79.99, at Troll and Toad, I will be arranging with a good friend of mine (American) to pick one up for me.

Anywhoos - Troll and Toad is an Authorized Wizards of the Coast Internet Retailer. Only two dozen or so companies have this pedigree of which T'n'T is the largest and best known - this kind of gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

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buh-roken said...

It sucks that you don't have a place by you. My friends and I are lucky enough to have a twice a week trade show about 35 miles away. It's a little out of the way, but is justified by the wholesale prices and instant gratification.