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Zendikar Spoiler 1

Welcome to the first Zendikar spoiler - to date we have had some UltraPro products spoiled (HERE) showing the vampire Sorin and new Chandra art but so far have been fairly skinny on anything to date. Today, let's have a quick look at some Zendikar packaging and we'll follow-up with the announcement of the next set in this block.

Check it out - Zendikar Products . .
This image was leaked from some retailers in the US who, I'm sure will be getting a call from the WoTC police.

First off, I'm not altogether certain whether the new I'm a huge fan of the colouring scheme - honestly - who would wear sky-blue trousers and that colour of green top ? There are quite a few others on the forums who do love this garish combination of hues. Anyway - I do love those very kewl looking floating obelisks - just sweet.

The Zendikar intro pack display has what appears to be an angel which figures prominently on the top and sides of the box. The booster display box has a dark creature holding a staff which appears to be shooting fire out the dangerous end - a goblin toaster perhaps. There are some on the forums that believe that this staff is actually a weapon - more specifically a gun. Not sure about that - but hey - please provide your speculations in the comments below !


Also for you today my peeps is the news on Magic Arcana just yesterday - WoTC announced Set 2 of 3 in the Zendikar block.

A World Enraged

Set Name : Worldwake
Block : Set 2 of 3 in the Zendikar block
Three-Letter Abbreviation : WWK
Number of Cards 145
Release Date February 5, 2010
Prerelease Events January 30-31, 2010
Launch Parties February 5, 6, 7, 2010
Previews on MTG starting: January 18, 2010

Design Team : Ken Nagle (lead)
Kelly Digges
Mark Globus
Matt Place
Mark Rosewater

Development Team : Mike Turian (Lead)
Mark Globus (design rep)
Tom LaPille
Erik Lauer
Scott Johns
Mons Johnson

Magic's February 2010 small set, code-named "Long", is called Worldwake. First off, although I have in the poked some fun at the expense of Ken Nagle, he is a decent designer and I feel that this set will offer some very good things.

The expansion symbol is of interest to me - it appears that obelisk icon / image is opening . . . to reveal something. There is quite a lot of Zendikar / Worldwake speculation at the moment about mana in this block.

There is nebulous indications that the plane of Zendikar could be a "primitive" place where mana until recently has been completely absent, and suddenly is available to everyone. Zendikar has now evolved into an entire world busy at work using this new resource for good as well as evil. Worldwake now seems to be rather a fitting the name for the next set.

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