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Zendikar Spoiler 4

Wizards of the Coast just posted a great Zendikar spoiler. Today on Magic Arcana we now have a bunch of Zendikar Booster Packs images. Although we cannot glean too much from these typical Magic the Gathering spoilers, we can start speculating . . . but first to the booster packs.

Top image :

Demon dude on the left. Is is just me or does the thingy on it's forehead kind of look similar to the Worldwake expansion symbol. (Worldwake is the second / next set in the Zendikar block).

Second dude looks like a typical human warrior or shaman. Background colours suggest red mana at work perhaps.

The creepy suckhead on the right is indeed Sorin Sengir, the vampire. (yeah ! - support for vampires in this block!) Anywho - we are still uncertain if Sorin is a legendary creature or a Planeswalker at this time.
(EDIT : Good catch by Eric - Sorin confirmed as a Planeswalker - You can check out the slow spoiling at WoTC HERE.)

Bottom image:

Planeswalkers Chandra Flamedancer and the new Nissa Revane, touted to be the black / green Elf planeswalker.


Also newsworthy are two Zendikar Intro Pack images found on the web.

Rise of the Vampires / Black
Foil Rare - Blood sorceress of Malakir
(Pack d'Intro / noir / Ascenscion des Vampires / Sorcière de sang de Malakir)

Unstable Terrain
Blue - Green
Foil Rare - Sphinx of Jwar Isle
Stay tuned for more Zendikar spoilers and other news.


eric said...

well sorin is a planeswalker because in you decide article they spoiled his loyalty cost which is 4.

Unknown said...

looks like that everyone on the boosters is a planeswalker. WotC spoiled that there was also 5 planeswalkers in zendikar about a month ago or so.

Anonymous said...

And I thought they said there'll only be 3 'walkers in ZEN, one an old friend, one is Nissa Revane, and one is this vampire who all think to be "Sorin".