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Zendikar Advice

Good Day my peeps, wherever you may be. Today here on MTG Realm, we hope to provide you with some timely advice in advance of the Magic the Gathering release of the next expansion, Zendikar.

You may recall our recent post regarding the anticipated Zendikar mechanic, 'Lanfall'. This is the new hotness that provides a bonus 'whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control'. The only Zendikar spoiler to date that has this is Rampaging Baloths which generates 4/4 green beast tokens whenever you drop a land.

Right - now that was prefaced for you, our timely advice . . . Do Not Trade away your Knight of the Reliquarys just yet - in fact, you may even want to pick up a deckset now while the price is right. While you are at it, you may want to consider holding onto that Terramorphic Expanse and those Alara panoramas which will accelerate the tech in your new Zendikar Landfall deck.

Speaking of Knight of the Reliquary prices, do you remember when this card was going for around $9.00 (U.S.) back in February ? Dang ! Man did that price fall like a prom skirt. Knight is now going for just over $1.60 and we anticipate that it will only go up from here.


In other news, just a few notes about the recent GenCon Indy 2009. Wizards of the Coast had a strong showing at the convention with lots of very decent Magic the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons events / side events going on . . . including several 'learn to play Magic' games with oversized cards.

One suggestion to Wizards from MTG Realm . . . if you have a great space like this and oversized cards, arrange a special 'full contact' MTG . . . I'm thinking something along the line of a Jerry Springer show gone south of cheese.

The highlight - using n00bs from the crowd as Zombie creature tokens . . . just WIN !


Also of note, while we are on WoTC events . . .

If you are anywhere near Seattle on September 4th to 6th, MTG Realm directs you to attend the PAX (Pennyn Arcade Expo) 2009 event. Wizards promises to be there showcasing the XBLA title Duels of the Planeswalkers and a Magic Online tournament.

The best part of the weekend will occur afterhours at Trinity Nightclub . . .

This year Magic will be hosting a party that is sure to be the highlight of the weekend. On Saturday, September 5 from 7-9 p.m., hundreds of lucky players will behold "The Sights of Zendikar" at Trinity Nightclub in downtown Seattle. We'll be showing a ton of exclusive spoiler cards and new art from the upcoming set, as well as previewing the new Duels of the Planeswalkers downloadable content. We'll also have an interactive puzzle to test your wits, with the savvy winner taking home a big prize (along with smaller door prizes for everyone). Free food and drinks will be served while guests mingle with artists Jeremy Jarvis, Richard Whitters, Mark Tedin and Todd Lockwood, along with R&D designers and developers who make the game what it is.

Unless I get a 'press pass' from the host Starfish Events or the Wizards PR folks at Porter Novelli, I will be unable to attend so please Email ME ! all the pics you get of this and we will post.


Unknown said...

Actually, last night I bought all the cards you listed today in anticipation of a a kick-@$$ landfall deck in october!

Anonymous said...

I think your post has already influenced the price of Knight.