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Zendikar Art Spoiler 4

Hello again my peeps. I did indicate in yesterday's post that I would be away from the blog for a few days. Well, very sorry I lied - I had to drop just one more post on for fresh Zendikar image collected from Gen Con Indy 2009.

Here is a promotional Magic the GAthering Zendikar poster / advertisement from the Gen Con Catalog sent in by
vatechguy from the forums. Artist is Jaime Jones.

w0w - that's cool. Apparently on the plane of Zendikar, they are very fond of outdoor sports such as climbing. This image has a Prince of Persia / Indiana Jones feel to it. For some unknown reason, I have a feeling that this particular art will not be making it onto a card - it was just a promotional art. I'm certain we'll see in September.

Speaking of mountain climbing, we have Zendikar Mountains ! If you, the blog reader, anticipated another full frame Zendikar art spoiler, good on you! More specifically, if you anticipated seeing two full art swamps from the upcomming Magic the Gathering expansion set today, give yourself a star. If this comes as a complete surprise (after seeing the Plains and Islands on Monday and Tuesday), perhaps you should reevaluate your medication dosage.

Recap from the two previous posts . . . Apparently, within Zendikar Booster Packs (from Booster Display boxes and Fatpacks), one may expect to pull full art basic lands ! Quite a few people I know now are thinking of picking up a fatpack specifically for the 40-card land pack (8 of each land), just so they can get their paws on the full frame arts. If one were to get just a Zendikar Intro Pack however, expect to pull the traditional half-art basic land card - which in my opinion is still very kewl.

Watch your keyboard for drool as you check out these Zendikar Mountains by John Avon and VĂ©ronique Meignaud.

. . .
. .

We will get a Zenikar Forest tomorrow, but since I'm stepping away from the blog, I will need you to check it out on Magic Arcana or one of my buddies blog. Alternatively, go outside and play - it's probally summer where you are.

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