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Zendikar Critters

Please do not take this blog post seriously . . . we're just having some fun with Zendikar spoilers frivolities.
Dinosaurs in Zendikar - have a look at 'Beast Hunt' Zendikar card from the Planechase spoiler . . .

MaRo twitter article on Zendikar . . .

"Here's my hint. There is a space in Magic design that we've explored on individual cards but have never explored thematically as a block theme. We started with that theme and then crafted a world that made it make sense. Once we had the world, we then made a bunch of other mechanics
that made sense in that world. The design and creative did a lot of back and forth work to integrate the mechanical themes into the world. I do feel the world we've create is a resonant one, but not one with pirates or dinosaurs. Or robots. Or ninjas. Or monkeys. Let me wrap this answer up by saying that I'm quite excited with how Zendikar turned out, and once I'm allowed to freely talk about it, I anticipate I'll start getting letters to ask me to stop talking about it."

Better pick up some dino tokens !


OK - something a bit more serious now.
Check out the article today at WoTC, where MaRo yatters about the upcoming Magic the Gathering expansion sets.

Mark Rosewater :
"What I'm getting to is that the Zendikar block is going to be our second block where we fiddle with the block convention. (Lorwyn / Shadowmoor block being our first.) It is not going to be the large / small / small template that Shards of Alara and many previous blocks were. Instead, here is how it's going to work:

* Zendikar is a normal sized large set with the same number of cards as Shards of Alara (229 cards plus 20 full art lands)

* Worldwake is a normal-sized small set with the same number of cards as Conflux (145 cards). It is an extension of Zendikar's mechanics—with a few new twists, of course.

* "Prosper", the third set in the block, is a large set (229 cards plus 20 lands) taking place on the plane of Zendikar. A major event happens (the reason I'm not giving the name of the set yet is that it gives a big clue about what this event is) that forces the plane to fundamentally shift and leads to a new large set with brand new mechanics. Yes, "Prosper" while part of the Zendikar block creatively, will be distinctly unique mechanically and is designed to be drafted on its own. Brian Tinsman was the lead designer for "Prosper," and the set lives up to Brian's rep as a designer who loves breaking conventions. As I cannot get into details yet, it is hard for me to explain why we are doing this, but I promise that as we get closer to the release of "Prosper" I will talk about the method behind our madness."

Did you catch that part about 'designed to be drafted on its own' ?

Lot's of crazy speculation on these upcoming sets. We know there will be a land theme of sorts and then there was that cryptic '[blank] without [blank' statement by MaRo awhile ago which could be almost anything.

. . . more speculation onto this latter . . .

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Anonymous said...

i say the blank without blank is kicker without cost.Sorta like whiplash trap where instead of extra mana for kicker cost, a specific situation makes certain cards more powerful.