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Zendikar Art Spoiler 5

Another interesting day for Magic the Gathering Zendikar spoilers. As I had imbibed excessively last night at a chapter meeting, I will relinquish any lengthy speculation at this time and simply provide the arts.

First up . . .
These two lovely Zendikar Play Mat arts from an on-line retailer :

We are led to beleive that these are unfinished playmats which still require additional work-up such as logo, mana symbols or the like. The angel is HUGE as well as the lotus bloom. If you click to enlarge the image, one can see the same dude either in the foreground or on the floating rock bit . . . apparently he gets around.


The second set of images have been obtained from another retailer who was able to sneak this Zendikar spoiler loot out of GenCon 2009.

As the art clearly is digital in nature, we are uncertain as to how exactly the fellow may have come by them. The images and themes do look real and believable however.

A close relative to the flying spaghetti monster ?

An airborne Kor. The FAA would never allow
those dangerous looking hooks in the air.

This customer requested the extra-hot sauce
with his chicken wings.

We've seen these guys before, but
just not with this resolution.

Anywho, please provide comments on these amazing Zendikar arts and stay tuned for the next MTG Realm post as we have more Planechase goodness coming up next.

~ Happy & Safe gaming everyone.


Anonymous said...

Possibly a new lotus bloom with landfall? "Landfall: when a land enters the battlefield under your control, add one mana of any color to your mana pool"?

Anonymous said...

jeez... did WOTC get together with blizzard entertainment? totally looks like something from one of the newer mortal kombats, or diablo or something....
don't be mistaken though..
i'm totally excited about zendikar and planechase and worldwake and all that jumbo...

Trick said...

Just an FYI - they didn't have to sneak that art out of GenCon (talking about the art after the unfinished playmats.) Wizards provided it as part of their press kit.

eric said...

just an add on for the spoiler of zendikar they are also spoiling the chandra card on the official magic the gathering facebook page. The card name is chandra ablaze and her cmc is 6 (4rr)