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FtV: Exiled Prices

Hey all,

Just a quick follow-up to yesterday's post about the 'From the Vault: Exiled' card list . More specifically, I wish to yatter about the prices that one would expect to pay for this Magic: The Gathering special edition box set.

First off, let's take you back a year ago when Wizards of the Coast released the popular 'From the Vaults: Dragons' box set. This set had a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MRSP) of approximately $35 (U.S.) but did see quite a variance in price depending where you were looking. On-line retailers, traditional 'brick and mortar' retailers, and eBay sellers were selling the box set for just above the suggested priced to almost double the price.

(yep - those are Zendikar Booster pack wrappers above the FtV:E box)

Fast forward to the present . . . Wizards has the same suggested price of $35. Retailers of all varieties however have quite a different idea as to the price said product will be offered for. I looked just today and noted that there are several eBay retailers now selling the 'From the Vault: Exiled' box for $160 (U.S.).

In their defense however, I have this to offer. There seems to be an odd 'the sum of the parts are greater than the whole' kind of thing going on. Looking at the previous 'From the Vaults: Dragons' set, one could theoretically break the box down and sell the singles for almost $100. Similarly, with the new 'Exiled' set, I should think one would be able to sell off singles from the box to not only make your money back on the purchase price but also enough to afford a nice bottle of exported wine to go with your deluxe pizza.

Just look at the singles price for Beserk (unlimited edition) - this puppy is going for around $90 alone - just imagine what the others would be going for.

Big dollar value !

Anyway - not sure this is a rant or not - I would just like to have products such as these within reach of the casual player and not limited to the hard-core collector.


Matthew said...

I agree, Wizards is a Rip Off and this release is totally bogus.

I am wholeheartedly dissapointed. My local retailer won't even be carrying it because his supplier stopped responding to his requests.

Unknown said...

This set wasn't meant for every shop that buys magic. The set was meant for the stores who support the FNM, pre releases & release events . So your local card shop who doesn't hold events would not even be allowed to purchase this where as the the From the Vault dragon box was open to everyone and the average was like 4-6 per store. I think this how WOTC is rewarding brick n Mortar shops by supporting them. Also I think WOTC sees the problem where you can buy a box of boosters on ebay for $80 and I know a lot of people do that instead of buying them from their local shop where they play at. So Matthew you should think about your resentment that you can't get this and do you support your local guy or the internet guy because you are being kinda harsh on WOTC in my opinion.