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Zendikar Fake Spoilers

If one wished to garner the communal hatred of the Magic The Gathering community, just post fake spoilers. We at MTG Realm however enjoy seeing the fakes.

Firstly, most often, these fabrications do take a degree of imagination as well as a fair measure of time to produce and we should rather applaud the efforts of those mischievous rapscallions. Secondly, these obfuscations provide entertainment. In the way only a puzzle can present, are we challenged to use our cognitive or perceptual powers of the mind to answer the question, 'is this spoiler really a piece of postiche?'.

Here we present an image gathered from a Magic the Gathering fan site based in southeastern Europe (that should tell you something right there). Go to work and put on a deerstalker hat, grab your calabash pipe and become Sherlock Holmes for a few moments . . .

Poster Ad: Zendikar :
Play with the reprints we've never printed.

Let's have a look at the cards . . .

Aswan Jaguar, 1GG
Creature - Jaguar
When Aswan Jaguar comes into play, choose a random creature type from those in target opponent's deck (library).
GG,Tap : Destroy target creature of the chosen type. It can't be regenerated.

Camato Scout, 1UU
Creature - Merfolk
As Camato Scout comes into play, choose a basic land type at random. Camato Scout has landwalk of that type.

Rainbow Knights, WW
Creature - Knight
When Rainbow Knights comes into play, it gains protection from a random color permanently.
1: Rainbow Knights gains first strike until end of turn. WW: Rainbow Knights gets +0/+0, +1/+0, or +2/+0 until end of turn, chosen at random.

Aswan Jaguar and Rainbow Knights were cards that were (virtually / electronically) published for the 1997 MicroProse game, Magic: The Gathering. This game involved wandering around the plane of Shandalar and playing Magic against a variety of omputer-controlled opponents. An oversized (6" by 9") version of Aswan Jaguar was also included in the game box.

Camato Scout is a card that was (virtually / electronically) published and released by Sega in June 2001 for Magic: The Gathering is a Sega Dreamcast game. This game was released only in Japan.

Another quick piece of fakery for your eyes . . .

Convertible Turtle, uuu
Creature - Turtle, rare
Each creature without flying gets -3/-0

just . . . w0w !

Please join in with your keen observations and use the comment form below to tell us 'fake or real'.


* Une note finale sur les récentes MTG spoilers -

El producto más codiciado de Magic impreso hasta la fecha. Aquí está una imagen tomada de GENCON 2009 . . . From The Vault : Exiled - -

just awesome !


Future Zendikar Forger said...

Ha, "play with reprints we've never printed" is that a poke in the ribs?

Awesome stuff, I'm going to have to break out Photoshop.

Dave said...

Nice post - I really like your blog :)