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MTG Caption Kings

So . . . We are asking you our loyal blog readers to put on your thinking caps and dream up a bunch of witty and waggish captions for this picture.

Yes - This is evil WoTC minion Ken Nagle cleaning up the 'Pit' at the WoTC Renton office as snapped by Kelly Digges. (It was cleaning day I guess . . . something which happens on a randomly selected Tuesday every odd year). <>

Some Captions for your consideration to help 'prime the pumps' as it were.


'Ken considers a Halloween constume'

'Magic: the Gathering - - a game for Giants'

'Installing new office partions at WoTC'

'This Menger Sponge is gonna be HUGE!'

'Yer gonna need big mits to shuffle that deck bud'

'It's not the size of the card but the quality of the drop'

Anywho, the above image was snagged by Kelly and posted at Twitt-Pic . . . If you want to catch the Twitter craze, you might as well start out with the twitteriffic feed from Daily MTG (, or better yet, check out mine at CopySix MTG-Realm (

. . . high five the internetz ! !

1 comment:

jjanssen2 said...

The card has to be this big to fit that bloated picture of Sally Struthers on it.