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What the hell is a Homunculus ?

From the Dungeons & Dragons WIKI -
A homunculus is a miniature servant created by a wizard. These creatures are weak combatants but make effective spies, messengers, and scouts. A homunculus’s creator determines its precise features. Homunculi are little more than tools designed to carry out assigned tasks. They are extensions of their creators, sharing the same alignment and basic nature. A homunculus cannot speak, but the process of creating one links it telepathically with its creator. It knows what its master knows and can convey to him or her everything it sees and hears, out to a distance of 1,500 feet. A homunculus never travels beyond this range willingly, though it can be removed forcibly. If this occurs, the creature does everything in its power to regain contact with its master. An attack that destroys a homunculus deals 2d10 points of damage to its master. If the creature’s master is slain, the homunculus also dies, and its body swiftly melts away into a pool of ichor (? ewww !).


Magic the Gathering has four such Homunculus creatures as well as a Wizards which creates these little scamps. My fav of the bunch is still the Sneaky Homunculus.

For some really great tips for Puppet Conjurer, check out Chris Millar's article on Wizards.

One of my personal favourite combos with Puppet Conjurer (as long as I have a glut of extra land in play) is with Sludge Strider.



Drakan said...

Just to add to your definition of Homunculous...the creature has also been defined as a Frankenstein's monster-like or Golem-like creature. But usually, the creature is a collection of part, human, animal, shaped metal, whatever, brought to life by some twisted alchemy. Pretty cool, huh? See the comic book "Hellboy" for further info...

Dylan said...

add to that combo a fatestitcher or two, and some other tap/untap cards, you might get a whole bunch of life (not to mention homunuli) out of that deal.