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Alara Reborn Fat Pack

Wizards posted images and product details for the upcomming Alara Reborn Booster Box and Fat Pack on Magic Arcana today.

As usual, we can expect the following goodness in the Fat Pack . . .

> 8 x 15-card booster packs
> A card box with panoramic art
> The Alara Reborn Player's Guide / visual encyclopedia
> A learn-to-play insert
> An excerpts from the novel Alara Unbroken by Doug Beyer
> A pack of 40 Shards of Alara basic land
> A cool GOLD-coloured Alara Reborn Spindown Life Counter

Make sure you yatter to your local game store owner and pre-order one soon.

Lets now speculate about the Alara Reborn art we have seen over the last 24 hours.

First off - Let's check out the booster display box . . . It features a horse-mounted Bant-ish looking Knight riding through a Grixis landscape (the skull in the foreground is a 'dead' give-away). Of interest are the colours featured on the armour plating on the horse as well as the Knight himself - - Green, Blue, and Red. Read into this what you will.

Secondly - We revisit the stunning and beautiful images from the Alara Reborn Intro Packs courtesy from our now-favourite store in Japan.

Vigilent Escort (1GW) - Quite obivoulsy a Rhox Soldier from Bant . . . ho-hum, meh. BUT - If this armoured rhino is the premium foil rare, it does get me rather excited to see just exactly what his abilities are.

Filigree Angel (5WWU) - What exactly happened here ? Appears that a Bant Angel had an extreme makeover with an Esper Artificer. Seriously digging those cool new etherium wings.

Zombie King of Unx (1UB) - wait . . wah - Zombie ? Nice - I'm rather pleased I did not trade away those Death Barons. Perhaps there may still be a slim hope to build a Shards of Alara Zombie deck.

Deathbringer Thoctar (4BR) - I'm certain this new fella will play nice with Cavern Thoctar and Wooly Thoctar and share all the goblins they catch. Speaking of goblins, the art featured on this card is VERY similar to that of the Goblin Assualt enchantment . . . you decide.

Spellcrasher Behemoth (1RGG) - Real estate prices just dropped significantly in Esper. This Naya monstrosity is kicking butt and taking names. Apparently we can expect spell distruption with this card and Esper mages cannot find an artificer able to work on this critter.

Check back soon boils and ghouls.


Tim - Chicago, IL said...

I wonder if there is any significance to the gold cards we've seen so far: they are all two-colored gold cards. Nothing that has been previewed has had more than two colors in their casting cost...just an observation. Also, all five of the PreCon decks are comprised of two color combinations. Any significance or just a coincidence?

Nicholas Davis said...

Spoilers FTW! I want to know if Rafiq becomes a planeswalker. That picture for Alara Unbroken looks like him and Ajani are partying hard.