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Alara Reborn Spoiler 1

Welcome to the first of many Alara Reborn Spoilers. Today on Magic Arcana, Wizards dropped quite a bomb that now has the fan community is quite a buzz. We will have a look at this visual spoiler and what this may mean for the 3rd set in the Shards of Alara block.

Ardent Plea, 1WU
Enchantment - Uncommon
1 / 145
Card set history indicates that the first card in a set " 1 / XXX " is ALWAYS White, followed by blue, black, red, and green. Given that this is the first card and it is multi-coloured, we have every reason to believe that there are no mono-coloured cards in this set . . . yep - that's right - Alara Reborn is a completely multi-coloured set. To this end, you may wish to re-evaluate your mana generating strategies / produces and perhaps not trade away your Ancient Ziggurat, Armilary Sphere, Exotic Orchard, Grixis Illusionist, Obelisks, Shardlands, Panoramas, Rupture Spire, or Unstable Frontier.

There is further speculation that since this may be a multi-coloured set, it begs the question about any spell with a converted mana cost of just one. Speculators are betting heavy that this is addressed with hybrid mana costs. Furthermore, it is speculated that 3/4 of the set is multi-coloured with the remaining 1/4 being hybrid. This new development also lends credence to the speculation that there may be a five-coloured Planeswalker in the works (possibly 'Asha' ?).
Of important note is a mysterious and cryptic clue which was directed to Ron Vitale of Magic Sock fame. He received a package in the mail last Thursday from Wizards of the Coast. It included a message to watch for the Magic Arcana posting today as well as 10 chocolate GOLD coins. Oh man . . . this spoiler season is heating up to be a weird (and entaining one). Read what you may into this but on the surface, I think that this is a cryptic confirmation of a all gold-coloured set. Why 10 coins ? Perhaps a reference to the bible (Luke 15 : 8) ?

Ou quelle femme, si elle a dix drachmes, et qu'elle en perde une, n'allume une lampe, ne balaie la maison, et ne cherche avec soin, jusqu'à ce qu'elle la retrouve?
Anywho . . . Suffice to say, the art in Ardent Plea is set in a Bant landscape. A woman, most definitely Elspeth (our Bant Planeswalker) is posed within the ruins of what may be an Esper spire. To whom is pleading with is anyone's guess . . . some say Nicol Bolas, others say the new 5-coloured Planeswalker, perhaps the Angel Asha.

We may have yet another clue as this was revealed during 'Timmy' week.

My kick at the speculative can - -
Whenever you are damage, put a 1/1 Angel Spirit token with flying into play.
Please guess away and post your own speculation to the comments !


Jacob said...

Still not convinced that they didnt just change the numbering system for good or just to throw people off... but... awesome find man.. very interesting.

I hope its not true though.. Id cry.

Nicholas Davis said...

Yay for multi-color set. I love Gold!

sajarov said...

I like gold, but I´m tired of draft 4 & 5 colours, please come back 2 colours decks!
Visit this video-blog with awesome graphics...

Anonymous said...

i think an all gold set eould be awesome and as for the five colored planeswalker that would be un-godly its ultimate ability would have to be you win the game

Anonymous said...

I think the text for it is
"As long as Ardent Plea is in play target permanent you control is indestructible"

I'm guessing we'll see 1 cost artifact spells that say are "red/green" or some other multicolor variation either next set or next block.

Anonymous said...

i think it would be cool if ths card read " whenever a creature you control with lifelink is put into a graveyard from play, return it to play with a +1/+1 counter on it"

Anonymous said...

has anyone read the blurb for the book Alara unbroken?? i think the plea is to the power vohl discovers, primeaval??