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Alara Reborn Art Spoiler

Wizards of the Coast, in their trend to provide the best card-art ever, ensured that even the Alara Reborn pre-release / release posters show beautiful epic art. Let's check these out.


The first image shows a creature which is undeniablly similar to that of Dragonsoul Knight. I strongly believe that this image is simply just art and nothing intended or destined for a card.

This image obiviously is showing a battle between Shard Bant and Shard Grixis. Angels and a knight (perhaps even our legendary Rafiq ?) are engaged in a nasty mellee. It appears that Malfegor is engaged this this battle as well. In the hazy background, there is a suggestion of Naya Elves riding a massive battle behemoth into the fray.

Could this Angel be Asha ?

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