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M14 Sliver Spoiler

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Some pretty incredible late day news from the Mothersite's Facebook page - It's an early Magic 2014 Core Set Spoiler!  

Slivers are back !

If you are new to Magic: the Gathering, Slivers are a fairly popular creature type.  These critters share a hive mind, which allows them to share their abilities with other nearby slivers.  Slivers most often feature an armored vertebrate body, an 'Alien' (the movie) tail, one arm with a single talon for a hand, and a head with an armored crest. Variations on this appearance exist in accordance with the abilities each has to offer to the hive. Slivers first appeared in Tempest, followed by Stronghold, Legions, Scourge, Time Spiral, Planar Chaos and then Future Sight sets.  We know that we just got a ton of new Dragon's Maze cards, but dammit, we can now hardly wait to get our preorders in to MTG Mint Card.

Anywhoos - here's the pics from the WotC FB page . . .

The Hive will return,
This July.

Groundshaker Sliver,5G
Creature - Sliver, Common
Sliver creatures you control have trample

Blur Sliver, 2R
Creature - Sliver, Common
Sliver creatures you control have haste

Battle Sliver, 4R
Creature - Sliver, Uncommon
Sliver creatures you control get +2/+0

Sentinel Sliver, 1W
Creature - Sliver, Common
Sliver creatures you control have vigilance

Steelform Sliver 2W
Creature - Sliver, Uncommon
Sliver creatures you control get +0/+1

Striking Sliver, R
Creature - Sliver, Common
Sliver creatures you control have first strike

Here's the 4.1.1. for the Core set -

Set Name : Magic 2014 Core Set
Number of Cards : 249
Prerelease Events : July 13-14, 2013
Release Date : July 19, 2013
Magic Online Release Date : July 29, 2013
Game Day : August 10-11, 2013
Three-Letter Abbreviation : M14
Twitter Hashtag : #MTGM14



Jose Cohen said...

Slivers are back? That on its own is enough for me to buy this set.

Anonymous said...

And once again WOTC destroy another part of their history.

Asymmetric Slivers???? the whole point of sliver was they effected ALL other slivers making the Mirror a massive battle of who has the most or the biggest base damage.

Added to that they DON'T look like slivers (striking sliver is the only one with the sliver spike). They look like reject art from New Phyrexia.

Anonymous said...

WTH does those new slivers look nothing like slivers!? I really hope they are just teasers, I love the sliver design and I would really be dissapointed if they change them all of a sudden!!!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I grew up with Slivers from their first releases. These are hideous.

Anonymous said...

Dude slivers adapt and evolve. They can look like anything.

Anonymous said...

Amen. One sided slivers are BS. They now play like allies, and a half retarded monkey could build/play allies.

Anonymous said...

While I HATE the new sliver art, there just isn't a way that I won't play slivers. Not happening.

Anonymous said...

I like the art, the problem is, the art don't fit slivers theme.

Why not slimply keep the orginal design for flavour sake.

I just hope that the next block that shows up Slivers, they follow the original design, not "the new one".

Sivad said...

I am excited about the return of slivers, but disappointed at the same time. slivers were amazingly OP and cheap (most were 1/1 for only 1 or 2 mana). The balance was that yours would also boost your opponent's abilities as well. I can see that having them only work for you seems incredibly powerful, so wotc made some of them bigger and more expensive. The idea seems to be just add a little power to your deck without people focusing on just slivers. I guess my biggest concern is the art design. I have watched slivers evolve since tempest block and although I understand how they can become more humanoid, I feel like they could have still kept some features that helped identify them as slivers...