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Dragon's Maze Top Non-Rares

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

On Monday we received our Dragon's Maze preorders from MTG Mint Card, which included our usual decksets (four of each card) of new Commons and Uncommons.  Tracking down an extra card or two of a popular staple is irritating and sometimes costly so the most inexpensive way of nailing this is grabbing a bulk lot.  The order got here in record time again . . . Packaged and dropped off at the courier (UPS) just shortly after midnight early Friday morning, our cards traveled by boat, air, and truck approximately 7,900 miles (~12,7000 kilometers) to our front step on Monday afternoon (yep - just about 4 days).

Anywhoos - as we now have all our Dragon's Maze Commons and Uncommons, it's time for us here at MTG Realm to sit down and give our opinion of the Top 5 cards in each rarity.  We've come to this order by the four of us voting on a variety of aspects including how popular we think the card will be in Modern and Standard format, and evene including card art. 

Righto - Here's the unboxing video and our picks -
Top 5 Uncommons 
#1 - Putrefy 
#2 - Far • Away
#3 - Turn • Burn
#4 - Unflinching Courage
#5 - Sin Collector

Top 5 Commons 

#1 - Zhur-Taa Druid 
#2 - Tithe Drinker
#3 - Crypt Incursion
#4 - Nivix Cyclops
#5 - Pilfered Plans

We might as well provide some points on each card as well . . .


#1 - Putrefy - This is a solid reprint and the art is great. Sort of a poor man's Abrupt Decay (which we really can't afford).  Great against some Golgari critters which can regenerate.

#2 - Far • Away - A nice Dimir Control card. Both sides are relevant and the Fuse tech makes it a good choice against creature based decks.

#3 - Turn • Burn - We love that the burn spell is called . . 'burn'. Presents choices and potentially a two critter removal.  This looks good against cards (like Bloodbaron) who disapparate after their turn.

#4 - Unflinching Courage - We really loved Armadillo Cloak, and this card certainly floats our boat.  We feel auras and lifelink are relevant in today's metagame, trample is awesome icing.

#5 - Sin Collector - Good control choice.  You definitely want a turn three card like this to removal a potential threat on their turn four when the game typically heats up.  If you're greedy, we suggest a Cloudshift for full effect.



#1 - Zhur-Taa Druid - This two-drop taps for green and pings each opponent every time you tank up on green - what's there not to like? This is a much needed mana dork.

#2 - Tithe Drinker - For two mana, this Orzhov 2/1 provides lifelink along with that's Guild's extort tech. In Modern, this is a perfect target for and Edge of Divinity.

#3 - Crypt Incursion - In our local metgame, about 1/3 to 1/4 of the decks are using graveyard shenanigans (like Junk Rites). This common instant is not the best card to address this but still well placed.

#4 - Nivix Cyclops - The art here shows that Izzet Cyclops before that Abrupt Decay came down. Modern players are considering this in a build with Kiln Fiend, Teleportal and / or Wee Dragonauts.

#5 - Pilfered Plans - Super value mill card. Card draw usually means card advantage.  Most will likely choose this over Divination.


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