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Tumblr Tuesday

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

It's time once again to dip into the posts our sister site, MTG Realm on Tumblr has generated. Funny, informative or derpy, as long as it's Magic: the Gathering, you'll find a decent assortment over there.  Lte's go . . .
So I whipped this up. It’s in the style of an STD PSA Poster.
Art by Izzy.
» THIS … Absolutely brilliant !

Magic: the Gathering - Movie Time
Do you like Magic: the Gathering?  Do you indie Czech films?  Then check this out …
The second indie Magic: the Gathering movie, TAP 2: Game of Honor, have just entered it’s production by April 13th! Come see the progress of the film. v dubnu začínáme s natáčením filmu TAP2: Hra o čest. Je to druhé pokračování filmu.

When Thomas Fish pays the biggest price after a match against an infamous Magic champion, Karel Adam struggles with the nearly impossible task – to avenge his friend against the supremely skilled opponent…

TAP 2: Game of Honor, the sequel to the first Magic:the Gathering independent feature-length movie TAP: Max’s Game. The first film is free to download in HD on the on youtube.

»>  mpfh - Awesome … * Grabby Hands *

Magic: the Gathering - Production
Where MTG cards are born … at the printers.
Magic: the Gathering - Art
Dryad Arbor, Future Sight Uncommon illustration from Eric Fortune /  From the Vault: Realms Mythic Rare by artist Brad Rigney.  Dryad Arbor, a green creature that is also a forest land, carrying the properties of both.
Magic: the Gathering - Pro Play
Always enjoy hearing about a new or modified build standing apart from the (sometimes stale) standard meta-game.  Here’s an interesting B/G/W Servitude deck by Elliot Smith, 2nd Place at Classic, Pittsburgh, 5.12.2013.
Magic: the Gathering - Token Time
If you know us at MTG Realm, we have a soft spot for token decks of any color.  Here’s a recent Standard GW Tokens Played by Samuel Friedman. 1st Place 2013 TCGplayer Open Austin Convention Center, TX, 5K 5.11/2013
That's it for now.  We actually have almost all of the cards for that G/W token build as well as that B/W/B Immortal Servitude build with exception of a card or two in the sideboard - yep - one more trip to MTG Mint Card to pick up some more cards.

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