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M14 Game Day Promos

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We have some Magic: the Gathering news today regarding promos we can expect at the Magic 2014 core set Game Day scheduled 10th / 11th August, 2013.  Magic Game Day gives you a chance to go big at your local game store and takes place approximately 4 weeks after a new MTG set is launched.  This also affords enough time to collect and build with the newest cards and fit them into a standard constructed strategy.  Here at MTG Realm our pre-orders from MTG Mint Card usually take only two or three days to get to us which means ample time to playtest as well.  To find a shop near you, click on over to the handy Wizards Locator page.

Anywhoos - let's see what Wizards of the Coast has to offer for promos.  All participants receive an exclusive Hive Stirrings full-art promo card (while supplies last). The Top 8 players each receive an exclusive Goblin Diplomats full-art foil promo card. The cards are awarded to the Top 8 players even if the tournament cuts only to the Top 4.

Hive Stirrings, 2w
Sorcery, Common
Put two 1/1 colorless Sliver creature tokens onto the battlefield.

Goblin Diplomats, 1r
Creature - Goblin, Rare
{T}: Each creature attacks this turn if able.

In addition, the first-place winner of Magic 2014 Core Set Game Day will receive an exclusive playmat. 


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