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M14 Friday Spoilers

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Here in Canada-Land, it is the Victoria Day long weekend, known in the common tongue, the May 2-4 weekend.  This is a time to pack a tent, a cooler and head out to kick start the summer off with some camping.  For us here at MTG Realm, it means an extra day to sort, organize our collection of Magic: the Gathering cards - We'll get to camping latter this season.  Nothing quite like having a game of MTG on a picnic table by lantern with a nice fire roaring in the background.  Anywhoos - tonight we're off to OMG! Games to get gaming in at the Friday Night Magic event.

Before we head off though, we need to bring to your attention some more Magic 2014 (M14) core set spoilers and previews.  Almost all these previews so far have been through digital gaming websites providing sneak peeks of the soon to be released Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014.  Let's have a looky-loo right now what's on the radar -
Awaken the Ancient, 1rrr
Enchantment - Aura, Rare
Enchant Mountain
Enchanted Mountain is a 7/7 red Giant creature with haste. It's still a land.

This exclusive Magic 2014 preview card from - We're not seeing any issues with animating a mountain into a 7/7 Giant on turn four.  The rules text mentioning 'haste' seems a bit superfluous but we won't press that point.
Megantic Sliver, 5g
Creature - Sliver, Rare
Sliver creatures you control get +3/+3.

Another Sliver critter, this preview from - A green stompy Sliver for six which gives you a 3/3 with the static ability of a +3/+3 pump for all Slivers you control which ain't that bad at all.  Perhaps not standard constructed worthy but still decent.

Dawnstrike Paladin, 3ww
Creature Human Knight, Common
Vigilance, lifelink

This was was spotted during a video preview of the new Duels of the Planeswalkers and further developed into a mock-up.  Solid common in our opinion with relevant abilities of vigilance and lifelink.

The very same video discussed above also coughed up this rather blurred image.  Your guess is as valid as ours for this card so speculate away!



Anonymous said...

The reason why 'Awaken the Ancient' gives the land haste is for if you enchant the land that you played that turn.

CopySix said...

Indeed, this is correct. However, chances are you already have four mountains already in play. Still a nice upgrade with the haste text on it.

Mondryn said...

Maybe that white card is:

Creature -- Human Scout

"Whenever Master of Diversion attacks, tap target creature defending player controls."

Anonymous said...

The haste is basically free since it doesn't really add to power, and I can see two good effects: (1) new players understand it can attack even if they don't understand summoning sickness of lands turning into creatures and (2) there's no gotcha if the player accidentally uses it on a land they played that turn, which matters against rules lawyers and presumably the DOTP engine.

Anonymous said...

but the haste does allow you to play it turn 5 on the land you played that turn so that you can attack with it.