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Dragons Maze Fat Pack

Happy Sunday MTG peeps,

Today, before your very eyes, were gonna rip open a Dragon's Maze Fat Pack before your very eyes.  This, the latest Magic: the Gathering expansion set was just released this last weekend with a total of 156 cards.  The set contains 70 commons, 40 uncommons, 35 rares, and 11 mythic rares. All ten Ravnica Guilds are represented and as in the original Ravnica block along with their respective mechanics / keywords.  Drop by your local gamery shoppe to dip into this set - check the Wizards Locator for one near you.  

Here's our Fat Pack we had picked up at our local store, OMG! Games in Barrie, Ontario, Canada-Land (Central Ontario's best MTG card shop).  Here's the Vid !

For a very reasonable MRSP of $40, here's what you score -
• Player's Guide with complete visual encyclopedia
• Dragon's Maze card box
• NINE (9) Dragon's Maze booster packs
• Eighty-card basic land pack
• Special edition Spindown life counter
• Two deck boxes

Fat Pack Booster Rare Pulls from my Fat Pack :
• Master of Cruelty 
• Skylasher 
• Ready // Willing 
• Pyrewild Shaman 
• Deadbridge Chant 
• Notion Thief 
• Trait Doctoring 
• Zhur-Taa Ancient 
• Possibility Storm 
• Maze's End (land slot)
• Temple Garden (Land slot)

For the first time ever here in Dragon's Maze, the basic land slot in booster packs will be filled with a nonbasic land instead. Different rarities will appear; Guildgates, “Shock” lands, and also a new Mythic Rare land.  Here in our 9 boosters, we were able to pick up 2 additional rare lands - very lovely!  Anywhoos, we're off to MTG Mint Card to complete some decksets we want to get for our standard constructed game.

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ric_man said...

My condolences for that mythic land card. Just hold onto the hope it may be usable one day...