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Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Hope all had a great weekend.  Last week here in Central Ontario Canada-Land, we were treated to a heat wave (sun burn), only to have the temperature drop on the weekend and snow (frost burn).  Good enough reason for the MTG Realm folks to hole up in the basement, play Magic: the Gathering all weekend and wait for the storm to blow over.  The new DGM cards from MTG Mint Card helped us brew up a few casual builds we had a ton of fun with. Anywhoos - in today's post, we want to get around to some catching up.  Specifically, a story that came out of the Dragon's Maze PreRelease weekend.  Reddit user Echo104b had posted images of what appears to be unreleased Judge Promos which were 'accidentally' included in prize support for the Dragon's Maze prerelease event.  All-in-all there were a total of 2x Show and Tell, 2x Overwhelming Forces, and 1x Vindicate. The user eventually flipped them to another party for sale on eBay.  The last we checked, Overwhelming Force sold for $175, Vindicate sold for $99 and Show and Tell for $120.

If you don't know, the Judge Gift cards (aka 'Judge Promos" are handed out or mailed to DCI judges for judging at magic tournaments and events. All of these cards are foil, and for some cards it's the first available printing in foil. The 2013 Judge's Reward Card releases were as follows;
• 1/8 Judge Swords to Plowshares (Alternate Art).
• 2/8 Judge Bribery (Alternate Art).
• 3/8 Judge Imperial Recruiter (New Foil).
• 4/8 Judge Crucible of Worlds (Old Frame).

. . . And here are the new ones !

Show and Tell, 2U
Each player may put an artifact, creature, enchantment, or land card from his or her hand onto the battlefield.
At the academy, "Show and tell" too often becomes "Run and Hide."

Overwhelming Forces, 6BB
Destropy all creatures target player controls. Draw a card for each creature destroyed each way.
By the year 208, Cao Cao commanded more than 1,000 experienced generals and a million infantry, cavalry, and naval troops.

Vindicate 1BW
Destroy target permanent.
"I have seen entire civilizations rise and fall. You mortals are but dust to me." - Sorin Markov


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