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Splinter Cell

Happy Wednesday to all.

Although Twins Day is still several months away from being celebrated in Twinsburg, Ohio, here at MTG Realm we will be celebrating now . . . more specifically, we will celebrate just how good the new Rise of the Eldrazi card can be in winning you that game.

We suppose that it really does boil down to your personal choice as to where to fit this Twin into your deck and your personal style of game play - are you control, combo or aggro ?

First off, just a brief re-cap -
Splinter Twin is an creature enchantment which allows you to put a token that's a copy of this creature onto the battlefield. This new token has haste but you have to exile it at the beginning of the next end step.

An important note however - if you copy a creature with 'X' in it's mana cost, X will be zero with the new token (so forget about Protean Hydra and the like). Also - One will not be able to kick or multi-kick the new token critter (such as Gatekeeper of Malakir).

OK - let's get the creative juices flowing - Send us your choice via comment thingy below, just what you would like to see copied. Our personal choice - Venerated Teacher - in order to back a truck-load of level counters on all our fancy new level-up critters for hopefully an epic game win.

Here are some cards which we felt was some decent synergy with Splinter Twin -

Which way would you go ? ;

Wall of Omens for a chump blocker and a card draw ;

Kozilek's Predator to puke Eldrazi Spawn ;

Pelakka Wurm for life gain and card draw ; or perhaps

Broodmate Dragon to squeeze another 4/4 dragon token out ?


Anthony said...


Twin + Repacious one or that new Manticore

bigharrymonkey said...

What about sac cards like Bloodpyre Elemental, Fleshbag Marauder, Qasali Pridemage, Barbarian Riftcutter, Goblin Flectomancer or Skarrgan Skybreaker?

Ace/Homebrew said...

Bloodbraid Elf seems like it could be abusive with that enchantment!

Shadowsketched said...

Definitely Mnemonic Wall. Time Warp is awesome with it.

Anonymous said...

I personally like Splinter Twin with Broodmate Dragon. I love the idea of puking out Dragon Tokens almost every turn.

Bloodbraid Elf is another sick combo. Just cascade your entire library, why don't you?

I also personally enjoy it on Tideforce Elemental.

Anonymous said...

Does not work with bloodbraid, cascade triggers when a spell is played. Part of this game is being able to read....