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Zen Block Allies

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We all knew just within a few hours after the Rise of the Eldrazi mini-site and Orb of Insight went live that some significant changes were coming down the tube which would certainly change the standard game. Obviously, one of the bigger changes was the introduction of the massive Eldrazi cards hitting the gaming table but also on almost the same footing was the lack of any new 'Ally' cards - we saw them in Zendikar, and then Worldwake. Many thought some decent Ally creatures and (quasi) tribal cards were on the way in Rise of the Eldrazi but unfortunately not . . . welcome to Frown Town - population - Ally fans.

To add insult to injury to this slight, Wizards today in their Daily Deck List, had provided a list for Green-White Allies with this deck list :

With Rise of the Eldrazi now available in stores, Daily Decks will spend this week examining popular archetypes from Zendikar Block Constructed events held on Magic Online. That's a format that will really be shaken up by the coming of the monstrous Eldrazi, and we're here to give you a jump start on the competition. Today we start with Green-White Allies. Are there cards from Rise you think can make this deck better? Take a look through the searchable spoiler to decide for yourself.

Really, the only creature spell of use in the new Rise of the Eldrazi block to allow you to trigger all those great Ally effects may be that new shapeshifter, Renegade Doppelganger.

Perhaps, Wizards thought that Allies would not be as popular as it was with casual Magic players like us. Perhaps it was dictated by the story-line - alliances and expedition houses broke up with the new Eldrazi threat - whatever it may be, We're sending scorn and defiance; slight regard, contempt, and any thing that may not misbecome the mighty senders to Brian Tinsman, Matt Place and Doug Beyer.

Anywhoos - thanks everyone for letting use rant on a bit like that - lets get back to that deck list we were yattering about before the design rage took us . . .

Green-White Allies
Main Deck : 61 cards
24 lands
7 Forest, 2 Graypelt Refuge, 8 Plains, 4 Stirring Wildwood, 3 Tectonic Edge

33 creatures
3 Graypelt Hunter, 4 Hada Freeblade, 4 Harabaz Druid, 3 Kabira Evangel, 4 Kazandu Blademaster, 4 Oran-Rief Survivalist, 4 Tajuru Archer, 4 Talus Paladin, 3 Turntimber Ranger

4 other spells
2 Grappling Hook, 2 Join the Ranks

15 sideboard cards
3 Journey to Nowhere, 4 Ondu Cleric, 3 Quicksand, 4 Refraction Trap, 1 Turntimber Ranger


Well that's a wrap for today's post - we hope everyone had played some great games during this weekend's release event - stay tuned for more rants, casual deck ideas, and news.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah...the no-Ally love in RoTE sucked. I had some good Allies I had done trades with a friend for in the hopes of building a good Ally deck with Eldrazi stuff and then...bombed. I guess they DID say the third set would be totally different from the first two, so maybe it shouldn't been expected.

John said...

Rise of the Eldrazi didn't have Allies for the same reason that Shadowmoor wasn't a tribal set. Rise is mechanically independent of the rest of Zendikar block and, as such, none of the mechanics of Zendikar and Worldwake would be reflected in Rise.