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Rise Eldrazi Spoiler 4-07

Good Day folks.
We now have 91 of the 248 cards accounted for for the new expansion of Rise of the Eldrazi. Make sure you drop in to our constantly updated spoiler list HERE.

Before we get to today's new card goodness, we want to take a moment to get to an eMail we got from Shane.

So, I’ve been reading your blog for a while and normally I like what you write but I think you’re missing the boat on the level up creatures. I believe they are actually a bit overpowered if used right. Let’s look at the white mythic. First a 3/3 for 3 is not bad as far as a creature goes. Next lets treat it as a ramp say you have 3 manna 3rd turn then you get no more land 4th or 5th turn you will still have a 6/6 lifelink threat 5th turn. That compares well with green ramp, but you still have a hand full of cards if they deal with your threat. If they don’t deal with your threat you have a 9/9 indestructible on turn 7 and a hand full of cards.

We will always listen to your opinions and would be interested in hearing from you - especially if you disagree on any point we may have. This blog is really for you, the reader. We will take Shane's point under advisement but still feel that jury is still out on the leveler mechanic.

MTG Spoiler Time ->

Tuktuk the Explorer and a token of his affection

Tuktuk the Explorer, 2

Legendary Creature - Goblin, Rare
When Tuttuk the Explorer is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, put a legendary 5/5 colorless Goblin Golem artifact creature token named Tuktuk the Returned onto the battlefield.

Righto. For three mana you get two creatures with a combined power / toughness of 6 - mind you, Tuktuk will have to take a dirt nap to get that second installment. We're really not seeing a downside to this card - heck - we will even pave the way to the afterlife for Tuktuk to get the sweet colourless token which essentially means he's worth more dead than alive - poor goblin. We're thinking about a whole bunch of cards which will require a sac like the devour mechanic to work a combo. By-the-way - Siege-Gang Commander says hello little friend.

Wall of Omens, 1
Creature - Wall, Uncommon
When Wall of Omens enters the battlefield, draw a card.

Apparently Wall of Blossoms now comes in white, and for that we are happy. The single white mana in this two cost wall will mean an easy time to mix your favourite colour. Wall of Blossoms was popular as it allowed a card draw which equates to a hand advantage and providing more options. White just got another tool for Wx control.

That's it for now, drop in again soon as the spoilers are coming down the tube fast and furious.


Ace/Homebrew said...

Copy6 you are correct that all the level up creatures are underwhelming. In limited, they will be strong due to the few kill spells spoiled in this set so far. But in constructed, NONE of them will see play. The restriction of leveling up as a SORCERY means that players will invest multiple turns to make 1 creature a threat only to have their opponent smother it for 2 mana... Oh, and the black mini-wrath as an instant makes almost every Level Up creature die.

Anonymous said...

I agree as well. They will be fantastic in limited as you can actually invest those turns to make something larger. but constructed?? No how no way.. you can't invest those turns in such an aggressive format. You can't watch your Transcendent Master die to a lightning bolt while its at Level 5. That is just terrible.. you put too much work into one card. I like the idea, but it really lacks flavor and strategy. I understand they made it a sorcery in order to challenge players and to make your plays more strategical but it just doesn't work for this one.