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Rise Eldrazi Fat Pack

Happy Friday to all.

While on lunch-break today, we bolted over the fence and made haste to our local Magic the Gathering gamery store which (almost) promptly opened at 12:00 noon. Why ? - To get our card-grubbing mitts on (somewhat limited first-order supply of) Rise of the Eldrazi before our more tardy brethren made it in. If you are off to an FNM tonight, go right now so you can have your pick of the singles (if your store carries 'em) or obtain your booster boxes, fat packs, or intro packs before they're all gone.

Anywhoos - we scrapped some money from the couch and got a Fat Pack so we could video-dissect for ya . . .

So - what did we pull ?

Not too much of excitement - could have been better but we're still happy : Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre, Near-Death Experience, Student of Warfare, Sphinx of Magosi, Guul Fraz Assassin, Bear Umbra, Tajuru Preserver, and Sphinx-Bone Wand.

Righto - for those not in the know, here's what you get with the fat pack : Sample chapter from the novel "Zendikar: In the Teeth of the Akoum"
Spindown die life counter, 8 Rise of the Eldrazi boosters, Storage box, Wraparound mural, Player's guide, and 40 Rise of the Eldrazi basic land.

We'll go over what we got and may decide to make deck sets of some. - Which by-the-way - if you collect FOILS - it looks like MTG Mint Card just put their inventory up ! Check it out HERE.

If you're heading out to FNM tonight - good luck, and if you are heading out to the official Rise of the Eldrazi Release event - Bring your best game and kick butt.


Richard said...

I picked up a box today and made a few Eldrazi themed decks to test out which archtype would get the big ones out more consistantly. For the most part they were legacy decks but all of them totally dominated tonight.

The first was a All colorless deck using the new eldrazi lands, cloudpost, urza lands, and the urza saga tap for 4 colorless land. I was able to both cast thefatties and trick them out with a scroll rack/Gate to the Aether.

The second was a Standard type with Harazabad druid/clone type deck to plow the big guys out fast.

The third was another type 2 deck that used both elves that produced mana, and eldrazi spawn tokens to speed up things.

In all accounts I was able to get off the legendary ones about turn 4 or 5. In both multiplayer and single player formats people would outright concede. The most fun I've had on a Friday in a while. Although it's fair;y obvious that these thigns can be TOO powerful. If you run into a serious control deck or somone with some great creature removal you will be in trouble, but otherwise be prepaird for people to just concede constantly.

Anonymous said...

It seems like if you're running a deck using Clone it might be useful to run a blue/green deck to get mana ramp from green and your own control from blue to counter their counter/control spells. You could even make it a combo Ally/Eldrazi deck and use Harabaz Druid/Clone for rapid mana-gen and Sea Gate Loremaster to make sure you draw into the fatties faster.