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Rise Eldrazi Visual Spoiler

Hey all,

The best data-base you'll ever need for this game was just updated. Wizards of the Coast 'Gatherer' now has all of the Rise of the Eldrazi cards loaded up. We will be spending several hours latter on today using the advance search function to sort out this new set's cards for possible deck inclusion.

Example : Be on top of your game - know your cards - Use the advance function to see the potential for building a casual aura deck with Aura Gnarlid, Kor Spiritdancer, Umbra Mystic and other cards from the new set : HERE.

If the Gatherer server is being overloaded or perhaps your pirated internet connection is not very reliable in the trailer park you reside at, this is just for you!

We have a handy-dandy reference which we scribd'd up earlier today and is now available for viewing, saving or printing. We suggest you consider the environment when printing - it is 28 pages long (or 14 if you double-side the beotch).

RoE Visual Spoiler

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Anonymous said...

Good one - you mixed the cards around. They're not in the right order.