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Just off the MTG Realm press . . .

Wizards of the Coast had posted a link early this afternoon on Facebook which invited all interested to take a survey. Unfortunately, the survey, which was hosted at Market Points had already reached it's quota within a few hours and had closed.

It is believed that the survey's intention was to measure the casual, novice, and seasoned player's interest in attending a local Friday Night Magic event. Furthermore, the survey also provided a short four-minute video about going to game at an FNM and asked your opinion.

Before we get any further, let's have a look at the vid . .





copyright Wizards of the Coast
Titled : FNM - Get Ready to Go
Filmed at Games & Gizmos, Redmond, WA
Music : Caspar Babypants

Of course we would not be privy to the opinions and comments provided to those who had participated in the survey BUT we do have the opportunity to review comments posted by those who had seen the video and then posted comments on Facebook.

It appears that those who liked it, liked it a lot and those who did not, just hated it. We're not too sure which side of the fence you may be on but we think we're almost sitting on it . . . We realise that Wizards needs to attract players out to an FNM (we were rather tentative / scared to go to our first one). We also realise that there is a VERY diverse crowd of players out there and we've seen 'em all - from Doctors / Lawyers to kids just recently weaned off their mother's milk.

Although we liked the idea of that funny furry critter 'WUBRG' (), as well as showing players what to expect at an FNM, we thought the video could be improved by appealing more to the intellectual gamer. Honestly, if you play Magic, chances (for most of us at least) are you have a fairly decent level of intelligence.

Well, we will see where this goes and what Wizards does the development of this strategy to attract players out to an FNM for some gaming goodness. By-the-way - I think WUBRG is based on a real person I play with at my local store.


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