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Modern Masters Tokens

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

The really big news for all the Magic: the Gathering players right now seems to be what's to do with Modern Masters.  This 229 card set containing fan fav reprints for Modern format may just be the most exciting thing since man discovered bacon.  We here at MTG Realm have been going over our existing Modern decks, picking up singles from MTG Mint Card, and awaiting the June 7th release date.

Anywhoos - onto today's post - tokens.  Those of you who we know or who have been reading for a while know we have a kink for token decks, so we're rather happy to read Trick Jarretts post today over on the mothersite on MM tokens.  We've reposted the tokens along with our speculation on which card creates those tokens.  Let's have a looky-loo !


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kompjuternuss said...

Soldier Token comes from Eslpeth Knight Errant, not Tirel ;)