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Alara Reborn Speculation 2

Well, I might as well start posting a few speculations about the upcoming set release Alara Reborn in the Shards of Alara Block. Be sure to expect some creatures, instants, enchantments, and artifacts.

Other than that, we are pretty slim on details - we do have a card name, "Dragon Broodmother" which, from it's name and extrapolation from the similarly-named 'Broodmate Dragon', we can expect some very cute (and hungry) dragon hatchlings. Dragon Broodmother is anticipated to be the Alara Reborn Pre-release promo card.

My hopes is that this card is legendary and instead of having a 'comes - into - play' ability such as Broodmate, will have a payable activation more along the lines of Sliver Queen to pump out the dragon pups.


We have word that artist-extraordinaire Dave Palumbo will be providing additional kick-butt, awe-inspiring artwork for Alara Reborn. Dave previously supplied Shards of Alara and Conflux art for such cards as Cancel, Obelisk of Bant, and Jhessian Balmgiver (aka the tummy-rubber).

Specifically, we may expect a card featuring a Bant knight mounted on a Leotau. The only other piece of information we have is that said knight is sporting a cape of many colours . . . specifically 5 colours. To this end, I will tentaively name this 'Spectrum Knight' and will speculate that he will have a similar activated ability to Paragon of the Amesha and Dragonsoul Knight. After that, it really is anyone's guess as to what coolness this card may provide.
oh boy . . . I really need more Alara Reborn spoiler material . . . errgh.

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Reinhart said...

Never thought about the mounts!
Yeah.. I think they'll complete their "dragons are awesome" thought with some more dragons.

we had the From the Vault thing.. Crucible of fire... nicol...I think we're due for more drags!