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Alara Reborn - Solid Gold

We now have the 'Key Selling Points' Document for Alara Rborn. This document circulates to all WoTC retailers and is mainly intended to provide basic information of the set / size offerings as well as marketing support for organised release events.

Let's just read that again . . . Alara Reborn is solid gold! Multicolored or ‘gold’ cards are among the most popular set themes, and every single card in Alara Reborn is gold. It will be the first set in the history of Magic: The Gathering to be 100% multicolored.

Since the release of Ardent Plea as well as the Alara Reborn Intro Packs, evidence has been stacking up in favour of a full multi-colour set so it is with little surprise that this is now confirmed.

The remainder of the document is little different from such previous documents with the exception of this . . .

'Different rare foil promo cards will be given out with participation at Prerelease and Launch Parties.'

This has occurred before and now seems to be 'di riguer' in order to encourage capable players to attend both the pre-release and the release event.

Rather humourous to me is the last page where Wizards provides information on stock product order numbers as well as suggested retail price . . . As I live so far north, the prices I pay for booster packs, fat packs and the like are typically 20 to 23 % difference higher than south of the border in the states (this also considers the excange rate).

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