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ARB Booster Packs

Happy Saturday morning to all. Hope your FNM or other Friday night activities were fun and without incident. I tossed a coin and went with a Naya stompy / Realm Razor build over the Fae / Fish last night and went 2-1 to Top 8 where I was crushed - still, considering a good turnout of close to almost 30, I guess I cannot complain.

Anywho - We have for you yet another Alara Reborn spoiler treat today . . . Magic: The Gathering Alara Reborn Booster Packs ! Let's have a look -

Right - Are you thinking what I'm thinking ? Yep - Perhaps they should have installed full windows at the Boa Constrictor Zoo display. Other than that, it appears to be some odd union with a Naya serpent and a Grixis Zombie. The Zombie almost does look to have the appearence of a Vedelkan mage however . . . what's your guess here ?

Here is the next Booster Pack - in this image, we can clearly see a Bant Knight who shuned the conventional Leotau Mount for a larger Naya beast. This perhaps may be prudent given the conflux of shards and ensuing battles with hoards seeking out new mana sources.

We have seen this Angel before - check out the previous MTG Realm post on MTG iGoogle Themes. This image still has the community scratching their collective head. One popular speculation is that this is Asha freshly returned after many years of planeswalking / self-exile (?).

Enjoy - stay tuned for more hot spoiler action and wild speculations (hopefully some more news on Zendikar is forthcomming).

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