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Naya Aggro Help

Hey all,

I hope to be heading into a BLOCK-CONSTRUCTED tournament this weekend and would be greatly appreciative of any constructive assistance you may be able to provide in helping me out in tweaking my Naya build.

The deck as it sits is overweight and needs to loose quite a bit.

In my sideboard (which may very well make it into the main deck) are some Ember Weavers (first strike reach), Naya Charms, Realm Razers and Battlegrace Angels.

Here is a shot of the Mana I can pull in or fix.

And here is the list . . . please help me fix it - - your suggestions please - post a comment.
46 Creatures
4 x Noble Hierarch (G)
4 x Path to Exile (W)
4 x Wild Nacatl (G)
4 x Druid of the Anima 1(G)
3 x Steward of Valeron (G)(W)
4 x Knotvine Mystic (R)(G)(W)
4 x Woolly Thoctar (R)(G)(W)
4 x Oblivion Ring 2(W)
2 x Elspeth, Knight-Errant 2(W)(W)
3 x Cliffrunner Behemoth 3(G)
2 x Ajani Vengeant 2(R)(W)
4 x Megnlonoth 3(R)(W)(G)
3 x Titanic Ultimatum (R)(R)(G)(G)(G)(W)(W)
1 x Apocalypse Hydra X(R)(G)

22 Lands
4 x Ancient Ziggurat
8 x Forest
5 x Plains
5 x Mountain


Brian said...

I would get rid of Apocalypse Hydra. It doesn't have any sort of evasion and it's pnging ability just doesn't seem all that worth it.

Also, I might try some more removal maybe something like Resounding Thunder or Naya Charm.

Anonymous said...

I see what you are trying to do with your mana ramp to the fatties and ultimatum. I'm concerned though because one infest and your kind of screwed. This is how I would approach this deck:

At first glance I'm concerned that you don't' have enough removal. I would consider Soul's Fire or Resounding Thunder (or some other red burn that is in Conflux), main deck Naya Charm, and run about 24-26 creatures. Keep control of the board with the burn and get early Nacatl and Thoctar.

I don't think you need Steward of Valeron or Druid of the Anima with Noble Hierarch. Actually I wouldn't run Knotvine Mystic at all and if you need the mana fixing creatures I'd take the Druid of the Anima over Knotvie Mystic. But now that I'm really thinking about it, Noble Hierarch is great but with the plan to burn early and build up the Druid seems to be a better choice. I know the one drop with exalted could get you Thoctar on turn two so maybe you should play test (that Thoctar will probably get hit with Path to Exile anyway, giving you more land for a bigger dude on turn three so...).

As for mana I would consider Jungle Shrines. Maybe not four since you want to race early and boost your Nacatl.

The sideboard needs 4 Naturalize, Whispermare for Bitterblossom (whoops knee jerk there). Since you have blue in Noble Hierarch you could consider Unsommon.

Anyway good luck.

Anonymous said...

PS. You have a very limited way of dealing with fliers.

Anonymous said...

JP. here from mexico, i've been seen your blog all days since about a month its really great by the way.

Anyway i have myself a naya deck with this:

24 Creatures

4x Druid of the anima
4x Bloom Tender
4x Wooly Thoctar
4x Cliffrunner Behemoth
3x Battlegrace Angel
3x Realm Razer
2x Flameblast Dragon

13 Spells

4x Oblivion Ring
4x Soul's Fire
3x Naya Charm
2x Ayani Vengeant

23 Lands

4x Jungle Shrine
4x Ancient Ziggurat
5x Mountain
5x Forest
5x Plains


4x Firesprout
3x Volcanic Fallout
4x Naturalize
4x Ember Weaver

Well thats my deck hope you like it, if you think i should change something just let me know.

By the way Brian is right i also used to have Apocalypse Hydra, nah it does nothing i prefer myself Cliffrunner Behemot.

Well see ya around.

JP from Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Everyone keeps giving you sideboard tips that are not in the format of block contructed, so I will help. Mark of Asylum. Banefire is a maindeck win condition. Noble hierarch is too good to not run with, so don't lose her. Running unsummon is a bad idea. not only are you stretching to a 4th color, you will be missing the main idea of your deck, which is never a good idea.

You should put Battlegrace Angel and Elspeth in there too. The double white might be hard, but if you have your jungle shrines, noble hierarchs, knotvine mystics and rupture spires, you should be okay. If it is about winning a race then Magma spray will slow them down.

If I was doing block, I think I would run straight blightning beatdown because you don't have to worry about wilt-leaf liege and 2 colors is easier to pull off.

4 blightning
4 hellspark elemental
4 magma spray
2 banefire
4 shambling remains
4 volcanic fallout
4 viscera dragger
4 golbin outlander

you see how insane that would be? and only 2 colors.

Anonymous said...

This is my version of a Naya Beatdown. Use your druids to mana accelerate. You don't have a one drop, but by the time you play a turn 3 Keeper, you will have enough mana to play almost any card in this deck. Keeper of Progenitus allows 1 Mountain to tap as though it were 2 Mountain. This goes with Plains and Forest so youse mana creatures for odd mana spells. You can switch out some fatties for Jungle Spider to deal with flyers. You have paths Oblivion Rings and Vengeant to take care of annoying things you don't like. Sarkhan Vol for some extra power and Martial Coup for clearing the board if need be. If it comes down to that, you have Titanic Ultimatums to beef up your tokens!

x25 Creatures
4 Druid of Anima
4 Wooly Thoctar
3 Cliffrunner Behemoth
3 Keeper of Progenitus
3 Knotvine Mystic
2 Meglonoth
2 Apocalypse Hydra
2 Paleototh
1 Godsire
1 Spearbreaker Behemoth

x12 Other Spells:
3 Path To Exile
3 Titanic Ultimatum
2 Soul's Fire
2 Naya Charm
1 Oblivion Ring
1 Ajani Vengeant

x23 Lands:
4 Jungle Shrine
9 Forest
5 Plains
5 Mountains

x15 SideBoard:
3 Jungle Spider
3 Banefire
2 Martial Coup
2 Realm Razer
1 Path To Exile
1 Oblivion Ring
1 Ajani Vengeant
1 Sarkhan Vol
1 Naturalize