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Alara Reborn Playmats

A very nice tournament organiser who was looking for Alara Reborn pre-orders via eMail sent card images off to WhytePanther from the forums.

The indication that these were to become playmats . . . Let's have a peek.

Mistvein Borderpost by Pete Venters

Fieldmist Borderpost by Michael Bruinsma

Wildfield Borderpost by Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai

Firewild Borderpost by Jean Sebastien Rossbach

Veinfire Borderpost by Ralph Horsley
Jund -Grixis

It is assumed that these will be mana-producers and is strongly suspected to be all artifacts (clear indication from the art). Very likely these will be tapping for two colours - but hopefully at the same time (example 'Fieldmist will tap to give one White and one Blue mana . . . we will see.

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