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Avacyn Restored Helvault

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

You may recall from our previous post (linky HERE) of the interesting Magic the Gathering Avacyn Restored prerelease promotion. Specifically, we're talking about the Helvault Prerelease Kit. This kit is still a super-secret but we do know that gamers attending the Prerelease event (April 28-29, 2012) at select / limited number of stores will have on hand the regular prerelease kit (24 participation promo cards - 'Moonsilver Spear', and 18 achievement cards). In addition to this, the store (may) have one 'Helvault' filled with bonus Avacyn Restored prizes 'n' swag to support up to 54 players.

From WOTC communications to organisers, players are to slowly unlock the Helvault throughout the Prerelease. What's inside then ? That is the big mystery. Supposedly, there are three types of items and with 54 players, the organiser will be able to give each of participant 1 of 'item A', 2 of 'item B', and 1 of 'item C' or a similar equitable arrangement depending upon the number of prerelease participants.

Speculation Time - What do you think is inside ?
Drop your guess / guesses in the comment form below.

Some rumours to date -

• Once you break open the Helvault you will release real-life Demons exorcised from the WoTC office building.

• The Helvault contains a piƱata of edible prizes - mostly sugar-free candy.

• A hive of aggravated Africanized honey bees.

• A large number of difficult to remove and slightly toxic 'temporary' tattoos.

• Random items collected throughout 'The Pit' (WoTC MTG card desgin lair).

• Documents containing definitive proof of Leprechauns, Sasquatch, and the fake Moon landing.

If you are heading out to Friday Night Magic tonight and happen to find yourself at OMG! Games and Collectibles in Barrie, Ontario, we suggest you bring along Slagstorm, Marrow Shards, or Elesh Norn (G.C.) in your sideboard becuase we're playing tokens again.


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Anonymous said...

I have a distinct feeling that it will have the true name of God within, and we should hail it will all of our devotion.