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Monday Magic Miscellanea

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Today's post is a collection of random Magic the Gathering related miscellanea from around the inter-webs. As we have indicated in the past, if you have interesting MTG news / spoilers, etc., drop us a line and we will pass it along.

First up -
News about Grand Prix Mexico City taking place in Mexico City March 24th - 25th. There are rumours about that Tournament Organiser Necrotower may be in talks with Magic the Gathering artist RK Post to commission a Playmat for the event.

We were very fortunate to meet this artist about 2 years ago and talk with him during the Worldwake Pre-Release event in Toronto. As we can say is that not only is he an amazing artist but a reall decent human being as well. Anywhoos - here's the hub-bub about the playmat -

. . . And here's the Playmat art (Avatar of Woe !)we may be treated to . . .

Next up -

If you are crafty and love Magic the Gathering, there is nothing stopping you from making your own jewellery like this MTG fan (sorry - we could not determine who the artist is) who made an Avacyn necklace . . .

Next - a quick reminder of Friday Night Magic (FNM) promos -
January - Glistener Elf
February - Despise
March - Tectonic Edge

And Finally -

Next time you drop in to your fav Wizards Play Network Store / hobby / game store, walk in styl'n with the latest Dark Ascension card sleves, boxes, and trade binders. Check out MTG Mint Card to pick 'em up.

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